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Confessional – Theatre Outré
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Who Are We Now? Theatre Alberta Essay Series

Who Are We Now? is an initiative from Theatre Alberta that brings you editorial perspectives from a variety of Albertan artists, educators, administrators, and technicians about the ever-changing world of live theatre. We hope you’ll find them useful as you process your own evolving reality.

Savanna Harvey headshot

Who Are We Now? Theatre Alberta Essay Series – Savanna Harvey

Three years ago, I started writing a show called Wastelands. In creating that piece, I studied the plastic waste and climate crises. I went in feeling that we were in trouble, that was the reason for writing the show, but as an artist I didn’t see what I could do. This was a job for policy-makers, scientists, and industry. My skills weren’t useful here.


Who Are We Now? Theatre Alberta Essay Series – Nikki Loach

I feel like I have experienced a sort of winter in our industry. Where some things must die so that new growth can emerge. I saw the sudden death of my frantic schedule. A full stop that was pleasant at first, but soon challenged our ‘the show must go on’ sensibility to ‘I guess the show doesn’t have to go on… can’t go on” sobriety

Amena Shehab_headshot

Who Are We Now? Theatre Alberta Essay Series – Amena Shehab

We are children of the wind, we are children of the water, the fire, and the light. These are the things that make us who we are. Our voices sing the memories. The sound of mahbash – coffee ground by a father’s hand and the smell of khubz – bread kneaded with a mother’s heart.

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