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Theatre Alberta Membership

Theatre Alberta is a provincial arts service organization and registered charity that supports and promotes the Alberta theatre community. We’re also a member-service organization that proudly represents individual and group members from across Alberta.

Theatre Alberta members are champions of the theatre industry within their communities. Our members include some of the most active, prominent, and innovative theatre makers, educators, and enthusiasts in the province. 

Membership Benefits and Services

Membership Rates

Individual Memberships

  • Effective May 2020: Theatre Alberta individual memberships are Pay-What-You-Can. The suggested price is $40 for a regular individual membership and $25 for student and senior memberships.

Group Memberships

  • Group A: (annual operating budgets under $100k and all primary/secondary schools) $75
  • Group B: (annual operating budgets between $100-$500k and all post-secondary schools)  $100
  • Group C: (annual operating budgets more than $500k) $125
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Should I Join Theatre Alberta?

Yes. Of course! If you believe in this industry and want to become more involved in the theatre community, then absolutely you should join. 

Theatre Alberta members represent an engaged section of the Alberta theatre community: those who actively use our services as well as those who support our mandate and goals. For many of our members, Theatre Alberta membership is a point of pride in our ability to accomplish more together, as a unified community who believes in the value of supporting each other’s work and learning together.

Theatre Alberta works to impact all facets of the theatre community: from education to professional development to audience development. We work to connect our members with one another and enrich the whole ecology of theatre in Alberta. When you join Theatre Alberta, you make a statement that theatre is an important, strong, and vibrant industry in our province that deserves community support and community funding.

If you love theatre and want to see it prosper in our province, but do not feel that a Theatre Alberta membership is right for you, please consider a donation to Theatre Alberta instead. (We can provide you with a tax receipt!)

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