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IBPOC Mentorship

Pinocchio – Alberta Musical Theatre Company
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Emerging theatre artists who self identify as Indigenous, Black or as a person of colour are paired with an IBPOC mentor for a series of in person or online sessions to help develop knowledge and connections in their field of interest. Over the course of ten hours, the mentor builds a relationship with the artist by conversing, going over their work, offering connections to other professionals, and giving advice about the theatre industry. The emerging artists are identified through participating in our Emerge and Artstrek programs. Since launching in 2021 with the support of RBC, a total of thirty artist/mentor pairs from across Alberta have engaged in this program.

2023/2024 Mentorships

  • Aaron Refugio & Josh Capulong 
  • Alice Wordsworth & Chantelle Han 
  • Benjamin Beston-Will & Val Planche 
  • Doriane Irakoze & Cherissa Richards 
  • Fernando Garcia Reyes & Javier Vilalta  
  • Jessica Nguyen & Mike Tan  
  • Karen Gomez Orozco & Reamonn Joshee 
  • Larissah Lashley & Janelle Cooper 
  • Ritter Osorio & Morgan Yamada 
  • Yassine El Fassi El Fihri & Haysam Kadri  

Learn more about the 2023/2024 mentorships

2022/2023 Mentorships

  • Alex Predovic & Marshall Vieille 
  • Amy On & Kristen Padayas 
  • Angelina Jiles & Nadien Chu 
  • Bret Jacobs & Ken Williams  
  • Dayna Lea Hoffmann & Dean Bareham 
  • Gen Matsuzaka & Ajay Badoni 
  • Ire Olaoye & Makambe Simbamba 
  • Luna Ahamed & Bianca Miranda  
  • Rebecca McNaughton & Helen Belay 

2021/2022 Mentorships

  • Alexis Hope & Cheryl Foggo 
  • Chelo Ledesma & Mukonzi Musyoki 
  • Emily Berard & Mari Chartier 
  • Kaeley Jade Wiebe & Sheldon Elter 
  • Kijo Gatama & Michelle Todd 
  • Laura Mena & Kristen Padayas
  • Rebbekah Ogden & Trey Anthony 
  • Sabrina Jagpal & Josh Languedoc 
  • Shainia Lehmann & Ruth Wong-Miller 
  • Sophie Healey & Simone Medina Polo
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