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Privacy Policy

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Theatre Alberta is committed to protecting our members’ and affiliates’ personal information and privacy. We take every step and precaution to ensure information provided to us is listed correctly, stored in a secure location, and used only with your consent. Theatre Alberta stores and uses your information in accordance with both the Personal Information Privacy Act (PIPA) and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP).

Contact Information

Theatre Alberta requests personal and professional contact information for the purposes of communication and administration of our programs—specifically, Artstrek, Workshops by Request, and Playbill. This information can be provided in person to Theatre Alberta Staff and Board Members or via mail, email, telephone, or fax.

Members can purchase a joint membership with Alberta Playwrights’ Network, a Theatre Alberta affiliate organization. In this case, Theatre Alberta provides Alberta Playwrights’ Network with the member’s personal contact information for the purposes of communication and program administration. Alberta Playwrights’ Network will also take the necessary steps to ensure that this information is protected. Visit www.albertaplaywrights.com to view the privacy information section of their membership form.

Members’ contact and membership status information is stored in two secure databases: one membership database and one library database. Hard copies of membership forms are organized in binders and stored in a locked cabinet. Only authorized Theatre Alberta personnel can access this information.

Use of Information

Theatre Alberta requires contact information, foremost, to send members our monthly newsletter and other communications, to keep members informed about our numerous programs and services, and to provide excellent service to our members.

Theatre Alberta conducts newsletter and/or brochure mailings and sends membership renewal (via regular mail or email) and overdue notices as required. We may also require members’ contact information for billing purposes. If you have registered for one of our programs, we will use your contact information to send program schedules, hotel and parking information, and workshop outlines in a timely fashion. Our library offers a mailing service to members outside of the Edmonton area; therefore, our librarians will use a member’s contact information to send requested materials. Occasionally, Theatre Alberta will email members with advocacy and grant information, notices of professional development opportunities, or special offers. All members have the option to remove themselves from our email communications list.

We do not intend to send you an unreasonable number of unsolicited communications.

Financial Information

Theatre Alberta maintains a secure Receipts Database of your payments: membership fees, program registrations, library fines, and donations. Only authorized Theatre Alberta personnel can access this information.

Credit card payments made over our website are encrypted and sent to a secure site. Credit card numbers provided to us on paper or electronically are marked out, shredded, or destroyed upon completion of the payment.


In the case of Artstrek, our overnight summer theatre school for teens at Red Deer Polytechnic, Theatre Alberta will need to obtain contact information for minors, their parents/guardians, and emergency contact designates. For health and safety purposes, we will also request personal health care information for minors, including health card numbers, vaccination histories, and information regarding chronic conditions or necessary medications, as well as family health insurance plan details. Theatre Alberta releases this information to Artstrek administrative staff and supervisors, who act as contractors of Theatre Alberta, for the purposes of monitoring students’ physical and emotional well-being throughout their participation in the program and responding efficiently to any health emergencies which might arise. Theatre Alberta and its contractors will not at any time release this information to outside parties save—in the case of a medical emergency—to health care professionals.


Any information provided on theatrealberta.com for membership applications, online program registrations, and website postings is encrypted for security and sent directly to a secure Theatre Alberta staff email account.

Theatre Alberta Staff

Theatre Alberta will never sell or provide your information to outside parties or organizations. We do occasionally share information with outside organizations such as the professional mailing services that send out our brochure mailings, but these organizations are obliged to keep this information strictly confidential.

Member Consent

Occasionally, Theatre Alberta receives requests for an individual member’s contact information from outside individuals or organizations for the purposes of professional networking, obtaining information about Alberta theatre, etc. As of June 2005, we have included on our Membership Application Form a section in which you can consent to have Theatre Alberta provide a third party with your contact information in such a case. If we do not have this consent information recorded, we will obtain your consent before offering this information. Rest assured that Theatre Alberta staff will respond to any external request for contact information with due diligence.

Theatre Alberta includes the following disclaimer on our membership form: Membership information is collected by Theatre Alberta for communication and marketing purposes only. Membership information is considered confidential and is not released to third parties without consulting the information above, or obtaining consent if that information is not provided, the exception being contact information for Group members that would be readily available to the public via the Internet, published telephone directories, etc.

Change of Information or Removal from Mailing List

If your contact information changes, or if you no longer wish to receive communication from Theatre Alberta, please contact our Office Administrator.

Phone: (780) 422-8162 or Toll-Free 1-888-422-8160 (outside of Edmonton)

Email: theatreab@theatrealberta.com

Fax: (780) 422-2663 Attn: Theatre Alberta

Theatre Alberta strives to stay current on any and all changes to privacy legislation. If you wish to comment on this policy, feel free to contact us.

Theatre Alberta would like to acknowledge Alberta Theatre Projects for providing, on their website, an excellent privacy policy, which we consulted, among other resources, when preparing our own.

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