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Webinars By Request

Workshops by Request: Rocky Mountain Series
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Theatre Alberta is thrilled to offer this series of webinars online via Zoom. We’re excited to have facilitators, instructors, and panelists join us from across the province, and around the country for knowledge sharing, learning opportunities, and pivotal discussions as we move forward in the creation and development of art. We aim to explore all areas of the theatre community and the way in which we work.

Each webinar is open to all, but you must register to receive a Zoom link. We’re asking participants to ‘Pay-What-You-Can’ to attend a webinar. If you have any questions about Webinars by Request, please email Theatre Alberta’s Program Coordinator, Andrew Ritchie:

Upcoming Webinars

Check back later for more information on upcoming webinars

Previous Webinars


Webinars By Request: IMPROV with Ken Hall!

IMPROV with Ken Hall! Saturday, February 26 from 1:00pm – 3:00pm.Pay-What-You-Can! Ready to get your improv on?Maybe say “YES, AND” to the next prompt?Tag in for the experience! Improv is an excellent opportunity to get to think on your feet and sync up with your team. If you are curious

Webinars by Request: GST/HST for Charities & Non-Profits

Webinars By Request: GST/HST for Charities and Non-Profit Organizations

DOIN’ IT RIGHT GST & HST FOR CHARITIES AND NON-PROFITS Tuesday, December 7Charities: 10:00am—11:15am MTNon-Profit Organizations: 12:00pm—1:15pm MTFree to attend! Did you know that there are unique GST/HST rules that apply only to charities or non-profit organizations? Do you wonder if you have missed claiming back all eligible GST/HST amounts?Would

Community Art Ethics webinar

Webinars By Request: Community Art Ethics

COMMUNITY ART ETHICS Thursday, November 256:00pm-7:30pm MST on ZoomView a recording of this webinar below This webinar will provide an overview to Community Arts in theory with practical examples. It is geared for trained artists aspiring or beginning to work with Community and communities that are interested in Community Art.

Budgeting & Personal Finances for Artists

Webinars By Request: Budgeting & Personal Finances for Artists

Budgeting & Personal Finances for Artists Monday, November 8Video recording available below Banking for artists can be very tricky waters to navigate. This webinar, facilitated by John Evans, Cultural Banker from ATB Branch for Arts + Culture, was designed to help! Topics included: personal budgets and finances for artists; RSP

Anti-Bias Hiring & Foundations for DEI for Board Members

Participants will explore the key concepts and principles of oppression and anti- oppression including diversity, equity, inclusion, human rights, racism, and privilege. This session will serve to lay a foundation of understanding in order to inform the ongoing work of organizational anti-oppression and systemic change. Participants will enhance their knowledge

Theatre Alberta Webinars By Request Trans Artists, Voices, And Perspectives In Theatre Thursday June 17 From 2PM to 4PM MST

Webinars by Request: Trans Artists, Voices, and Perspectives in Theatre

Colonialism and the gender binary are intrinsically linked and their duet can force traditional knowledge underground. Cole Alvis (She/Her) facilitated an embodied panel that explored the intersections of 2 Spirit, trans and non-binary identities, featuring Jesse Del Fierro (They/Them/Siya), Syrus Marcus Ware (He/Him), and Simone A. Medina Polo (She/Her).   THE PANEL

Webinars By Request Imagining Anti-Oppressive Theatre Education

Reimagining Anti-Oppressive Theatre Education

REIMAGINING ANTI-OPPRESSIVE THEATRE EDUCATION Date: February 20, 2021Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm MSTPlatform: Zoom PROGRAM OVERVIEW Students of theatre and the performing arts deserve creative learning environments that are anti-oppressive; that are affirming and celebratory of marginalized stories, identities, and experiences; and that critically and actively resist the colonial status quo. This webinar

Webinars for a New World Playing Around: An Introduction to Writing Plays

Playing Around: An Introduction to Writing Plays

Marty Chan broke down the process of playwriting into practical steps that participants could immediately apply to their own writing. He shared his insights on what makes a story best suited for a play, how to create conflict, and why theatre matters.    About the Facilitator Marty writes plays for

Webinars For a New World: Strategies and Realities for Teaching Drama in a Pandemic

Strategies and Realities for Teaching Drama in a Pandemic

Two months into the school year, a panel of three Alberta drama teachers shared their experiences and best practices for teaching drama in these strange times.  How do you navigate both physical and online spaces in your classroom?  What strategies engage students most effectively?  What do drama students need to

Webinars By Request Honouring Your Footsteps: Creating Personal Land Acknowledgements

Honouring Your Footsteps: Creating Personal Land Acknowledgements

In this two-hour-long webinar, participants learned how to craft a personal land acknowledgement. To achieve that aim, Naheyawin explored cultural teachings that have helped them navigate troubled times, facilitated attendees positioning themselves differently with help from Indigenous perspectives, and provided an open space for participants to discuss their connection to

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Conflict Analysis-Basics

Conflict is complex, dynamic, and inevitable. While conflicts may create knots in our stomachs, they also provide excellent opportunities for change and growth. This 2 hour webinar will share basic conflict analysis theories to help understand inter-personal conflict, and provide some communication tools for working through conflicts. Examples will come

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Hazard Assessments and Planning to Reopen Theatres

We all long to return to our theatres and, at this point in history, effective health and safety protocols will be essential in successfully reopening. Hazard Assessment is a powerful tool we can use to identify and assess hazards related to COVID-19, then plan appropriate controls and precautions. Reopening plans

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