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The Michelle Dias Community Service Award

Workshops by Request: Rocky Mountain Series
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The Michelle Dias Community Service Award is offered each year in memory of Ms. Dias, a respected colleague and true champion of Canadian theatre, who passed away in 2011. It is awarded to a Rocky Mountain Series participant who demonstrates a selfless commitment to the Alberta theatre community and to sharing their knowledge with colleagues and peers. 

Michelle Dias was deeply involved in Theatre Alberta’s educational programming, having been instrumental in the creation of Safe Stages, our health and safety resource for theatres, as well as working with us frequently as an instructor. In addition to Michelle’s contributions to Theatre Alberta programs, Michelle was Head of Props for Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity from 1996-2004. Michelle worked at Banff during the summer months, the rest of the year she was an integral part of the Citadel Theatre production team. At the Citadel, Michelle was the Head of Scenic Paint from Sept 1995 until her passing in September 2011.

She was a vibrant personality who was a gifted artist. From creating wood grain to “antiquing” surfaces, texturizing and painting on any and all surfaces, creating gold leaf, wallpaper and also mixing & matching colors. Many designers from across Canada referred to her as “the best scenic artist they had ever had the opportunity to work with.” She was compassionate about children, and animals, and volunteered with many not-for-profit organizations like Big Sisters, the Humane Society and Zebra, which helps abused children. We miss her greatly. She had a wry sense of humour, was well-read , and participated in many staff functions as a volunteer as well.
Cheryl Hoover
Citadel Theatre
Memorial Photo of Michelle Dias A Woman with Short Brown Hair and Blue Glasses
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