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Complicite: Collaborative Curiosity

Workshops by Request: Rocky Mountain Series
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April 28-30, 2017

This workshop was  presented in partnership with Theatre Yes

Instructor: Joyce Henderson from Complicite (UK)

Complicite is internationally acclaimed for distinctive performances that layer tightly choreographed ensemble work with innovative lighting, sound and video design.

Since it was founded in 1983, Complicite has toured the world, winning over 50 major awards and becoming known as one of the UK’s most exciting and enduring theatre companies.
From its early performances at the Edinburgh Fringe (where More Bigger Snacks Now became the first theatre show to win the Perrier Comedy Award) to being screened throughout the world as part of NT Live, Complicite has continued to experiment, breaking new ground with every new show.
Recent productions include The EncounterBeware of PityLionboyThe Master and MargaritaShun-kin and A Disappearing Number, and the Company is also known for its award-winning Creative Learning programme which provides innovative opportunities for people to engage with its work.

One to Two Dozen Workshops By Request Participants In Twisting Mass Hold a Thin Bamboo Pole Between Themselves and a Partner Using Only A Single Fingertop

There is no Complicite ‘method’ – what is essential is collaboration, and a turbulent forward momentum…

Theatre creators from all disciplines: directors, designers, playwrights, actors, and dancers, gathered inBanff to investigate the collaborative tools at the core of the creation of Complicite’s work.

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Complicite’s Joyce Henderson guided participants through the investigation of imaginary space and arrange of collaborative exercises to release the creativity of group instinct. The unique cross-discliplinary ensemble created a shared visual language which they can draw on to shape and communicate the stories they want to tell.  Participants worked as a team and moved as a group, created images, spaces, rhythms and atmospheres, they generated and sustained imaginary spaces on stage, using improvisation to release their creativity.

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