Scholarship (Alberta): The Leaders in Equality Award of Distinction (LEAD) Program


The Leaders in Equality Award of Distinction (LEAD) Program is now accepting applications from students eager to make a difference in their communities.

The new program is supporting students who are working to reduce gender discrimination in their communities or who are studying in fields where their gender is traditionally under-represented. Each successful student will receive $2,500.

The scholarship program consists of two funding streams: the previously announced Women in STEM Award stream, which is open to women under 30 years of age pursuing studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics; and the Persons Case Scholarship stream, for anyone pursuing studies to advance gender equality.

“More than 100 years ago, women were critical in the building of Alberta – shaping its society and economy. The LEAD Program will assist women and gender-diverse Albertans to pursue fulfilling careers that help promote gender equality and change Alberta for the better. It is especially important at this time to support students in pursuing a broad range of careers as we work toward Alberta’s economic recovery.” ~ Leela Sharon Aheer, Minister of Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women


“The Leaders in Equality Award of Distinction scholarship supports students and empowers them to build the skills they need to find success in their chosen career. By providing more opportunities for under-represented Albertans to apply their talents in a wide range of pursuits – from science, technology and trades to the arts – we are helping to build the workforce of the future.” ~ Demetrios Nicolaides, Minister of Advanced Education

The Women in STEM award was announced in September 2020. Consolidating the funding with the Persons Case under one program streamlines the application process for students and reduces red tape.

The first intake deadline for the scholarship is Feb. 21. Those who are interested in applying can visit the program website to find the scholarship criteria and application information.

Quick facts

  • Total funding for the program is $225,000.
  • Up to 40 students will receive $2,500 each in the Persons Case Scholarship stream.
  • Up to 50 students will receive $2,500 each in the Women in STEM stream.

Related information

LEAD Program

Le programme LEAD (Leaders in Equality Award of Distinction) accepte désormais les candidatures d’étudiants désireux de faire une différence dans leur communauté.

Le nouveau programme appuie les étudiants qui s’efforcent de réduire la discrimination sexuelle dans leur communauté ou qui étudient dans des domaines où leur sexe est traditionnellement sous-représenté. Chaque étudiant accepté recevra 2 500 dollars.

Le programme de bourses comprend deux volets de financement : le volet « Women in STEM Award », annoncé précédemment et destiné aux femmes de moins de 30 ans qui poursuivent des études en sciences, technologie, ingénierie et mathématiques, et le volet « Persons Case », pour les personnes qui poursuivent des études liées à l’avancement de l’égalité des sexes.

« Il y a plus d’un siècle, les femmes ont joué un rôle essentiel dans l’édification de l’Alberta en façonnant sa société et son économie. Le programme LEAD aidera les femmes et les Albertaines et Albertains de tous les sexes à mener des carrières enrichissantes qui contribueront à la promotion de l’égalité des sexes et à l’amélioration de l’Alberta. Il est particulièrement important en ce moment d’aider les étudiants à poursuivre un vaste éventail de carrières, alors que nous travaillons à la reprise économique de l’Alberta. » ~ Leela Sharon Aheer, ministre de la Culture, du Multiculturalisme et de la Condition féminine

« La bourse “Leaders in Equality Award of Distinction” appuie les étudiants et leur permet de développer les compétences dont ils ont besoin pour réussir dans la carrière qu’ils ont choisie. En offrant aux Albertaines et Albertains sous-représentés davantage de possibilités d’appliquer leurs talents dans un vaste éventail de domaines, allant des sciences, de la technologie et des métiers aux arts, nous contribuons à constituer la main-d’œuvre de demain. » ~ Demetrios Nicolaides, ministre de l’Enseignement postsecondaire

La bourse « Women in STEM » a été annoncée en septembre 2020. En consolidant cette bourse et le volet « Persons Case » au sein d’un même programme, nous rationalisons le processus de mise en candidature des étudiants et réduisons les formalités administratives.

La première date limite de réception des demandes est fixée au 21 février 2021. Les personnes intéressées peuvent consulter le site Web du programme (en anglais seulement) pour connaître les critères d’attribution des bourses et obtenir des renseignements sur la procédure de demande.

En bref

  • Le financement total offert dans le cadre de ce programme est de 225 000 dollars.
  • Quarante étudiants seront admissibles à un montant de 2 500 dollars dans le cadre du volet « Persons Case ».
  • Cinquante étudiants pourront recevoir 2 500 dollars dans le cadre du volet « Women in STEM ».

Renseignements connexes

Site Web du programme (en anglais seulement)

Call for Submissions (Calgary): Jupiter Theatre is Seeking New Collaborators – Jupiter Theatre

Jupiter Theatre is always looking to grow and to make new connections. We are currently seeking new collaborations with designers, stage management, and technical theatre practitioners for 2021 and beyond. We want to make relationships and connections in the Calgary theatre community! This is an opportunity for us to meet emerging and established talent that are interested in working with Jupiter Theatre in the future.

We are specifically looking for the following collaborators for various projects in spring and summer 2021 and are seeking submissions of interest for meetings:

  • Assistant Stage Manager
  • Costume Designer
  • Fight Director
  • Head of Properties
  • Intimacy Coach
  • Sound Designer
  • Stage Manager

Artists outside of these disciplines (set designers, projection/video designer, lighting designer, etc.) are welcome to submit as well. We understand that many artists are multi-disciplinary, so please include in your email to us which discipline(s) you work in/you are interested in. At this time, we are not engaging members of CAEA or ADC, but we are still interested in meeting union members and encourage them to apply so we can meet and build a relationship for possible future collaborations.

The meetings will be held online via video call or by phone with artistic producer Andrew G. Cooper. Meetings may also include artistic associate Constantine X. Anastasakis and/or technical and production manager Skylar Desjardin as appropriate.

Performers/actors: hang tight! We are going to be releasing audition announcements for 2021 soon!

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: Sunday, February 7, 2021 at 11:59 PM

February 8 – 20, 2021. Times will be scheduled with the submitters availability in mind and may include daytime afternoons, evenings, and Saturdays.

We want to meet you! To submit for a meeting, please email a resume/CV as a .pdf to artistic producer Andrew G. Cooper at [email protected] with the subject line “COLLABORATOR SUBMISSION”.

Jupiter Theatre encourages submissions from diverse individuals of all backgrounds, regardless of race, colour, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We welcome submitters to inform us of their pronouns if they wish, and to include details about how their identity informs their practice and needs as they feel comfortable.

In accordance with our Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression Declaration and our Response to the 35//50 Initiative, we are actively seeking submissions from IBPOC individuals. With our ongoing commitment to inclusivity and accessibility as part of our mandate, we also strongly encourage submissions from the LGBTQ2+ and disabled communities. At this time, we are only accepting submissions from Calgary-based individuals.

All applicants are encouraged to submit under as many categories as they feel are appropriate. If you are a theatre practitioner who does not feel that they fit into any of the categories outlined in this posting, please contact [email protected] to discuss how we can best get a sense of who you are and what you do. Please also reach out to us if any of these guidelines or the submission process provide a barrier to you and we are happy to discuss alternate ways of submitting and/or meeting with you.

Jupiter Theatre is an independent theatre company in Calgary, AB.​ Jupiter Theatre creates original works of Canadian theatre that are visual, physical, and moving. We share powerful stories that explore the human condition and challenge audiences with contemporary social issues through visceral and innovative productions.

Jupiter Theatre would like to recognize the lands on which we work, explore, and create: Jupiter Theatre calls Treaty 7 Territory our home, which is the traditional territory of the Blackfoot Confederacy (comprising the Siksika, Piikani, and Kainai First Nations), the Tsuut’ina First Nation, and the Stoney Nakoda (including the Chiniki, Bearspaw, and Wesley First Nations). The City of Calgary is also home to Métis Nation of Alberta, Region III.

More information about the company can be found on our website at


Call for Submissions (National): Sound the Alarm: music/theatre

Sound the Alarm: Music/Theatre (STA) is looking for exciting and diverse voices for our inaugural 5-episode series of audio-dramas that will feature 5 independent stories by 5 unique writers with 5 different casts and designers.

Please note: Our first episode is currently in production and is written by playwright Gary Mok. Therefore, we will be looking for an additional 4 artists.

Each episode will:

  • Have its own playwright, director and cast.
  • Will be a unique story told by a Canadian writer
  • Merge sound design, text-based performance, and music to create a compelling story and audio narrative that ‘sounds an alarm’ on our environmental and sociological challenges and its effects on human experience.
  • Each playwright will work with our dramaturg assigned to the series as a whole.


  • Artists must be legally able work in Canada.
  • It is a priority of STA to create a platform of artists and cultural voices that represent our diverse communities. We will be prioritizing writers from marginalized communities, including Indigenous artists, people of colour, and diverse gender identifications.
  • Depending on the scripts chosen, we will ensure cultural protocols are integrated as well as including additional creative team members (such as designers and casts) that align with the cultural narrative of each particular script.
  • This contract will be paid at or above professional standard.
  • As the series is planned to host 5 episodes, we will be featuring 5 different writers.

Each episode and script will:

  • Be 25 minutes in length
  • Be an audio-drama (no visual mediums integrated)
    Be developed in collaboration with dramaturg Joanna Garfinkel, who will support all drafts for the purposes of consistency in style, quality and messaging.
  • Be aimed to adult audiences and cannot include profanity, overtly sexual, or violent/hateful content or themes.
  • Include elements of sound/music to help shape and inform the narrative

Our goal is to create a unique immersive audio listening experience. Depending on how each story progresses, we would like to incorporate binaural sound techniques to aid in this immersive goal. This is however, not a requirement and is dependent on the artistic needs of each story itself. For a better understanding of what binaural recording is, take a look at this video, and it is suggested you wear your earphones.


  • We will be accepting submissions until February 21, 2021
  • We will announce our chosen writers likely by April 1.
  • Scripts will be developed through approximately three drafts, with the final draft due by July 15, 2021.
  • Production will commence in August with the release of the series beginning late October or early November.

Submission needs:

Please submit via [email protected]:

  • your resume
    • samples of existing work of a one-two page story pitch that:
      > speaks to the series focus which is to ‘sound an alarm’ on our environmental and sociological challenges and its effects on human experience.
      > lays out the themes you wish to explore and how they relate to the ‘alarm’ of the series.
      > includes a statement indicating how you cultural and personally identify (such as race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or however else you feel comfortable stating and publicly speaking to)

Our first (pilot) episode is called Lost Soul Animal Rescue and is written by playwright Gary Mok. For this 25-minute audio experience, Gary has chosen to centre the story around the tradition of Chinese ghost stories which normally expound on the importance of filial piety (duty to your ancestors). In this particular creation, he has added a twist on that concept by using animal “ghosts” to question our duty to nature instead. The story is set in Vancouver.

For more information, head to our website at

Call for Submissions (National): Europa New Works Incubator – Jupiter Theatre

Europa (moon of Jupiter) on a black backround. Text: Jupiter Theatre Europa New Works Incubator

Jupiter Theatre’s Europa New Works Incubator Call for Submissions

What is it?

The Europa New Works Incubator (formerly the New Play Development Series) is an opportunity for established and emerging Canadian playwrights and theatre makers to workshop and receive dramaturgical support on new works that are currently in development.

Europa is among the first of Jupiter’s seventy-nine moons to be discovered, and is one of the few celestial masses in our solar system outside of earth with the potential to support life. Europa’s surface is sheeted with a thick outer crust of ice harbouring a vast ocean underneath with adequate conditions to sustain living organisms. Hemingway’s ‘iceberg theory’ offers an insight into the writer’s use of subtext and the implicit deeper meaning often found below the surface of his minimalist style of writing. Europa’s frozen exterior gives Hemingway’s iceberg metaphor an entirely new context.

With the Europa New Works Incubator, Jupiter Theatre seeks to discover new life in the unfathomable depths of Canadian playwrights and theatre makers.

What does it offer?

As part of the Europa New Works Incubator, Jupiter Theatre will offer the playwright/theatre maker feedback and support from a dramaturg hand-chosen to suit the specific stylistic and developmental needs of the project Following this one-on-one workshopping, Jupiter Theatre will facilitate a table or staged reading as part of its season to showcase the piece in its current stage of development and provide the playwright with the opportunity to hear the script read aloud. At the end of this process, the playwright will emerge with a more thoroughly realized draft of their play. We intend for the workshop to be a stepping-stone for the script to be brought to life in a future season as one of Jupiter Theatre’s MainStage productions.

Future submissions will be accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year, though Jupiter Theatre will only commit to as many as three projects per season.

The Europa New Works Incubator aims to provide playwrights and theatre makers with the space, tools, and support to create the best possible version of their work, and encourage the creation of new Canadian theatre.

What are we looking for?

The Europa New Works Incubator is looking for bold, contemporary works that engage with or push against the genres of science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, and mythology. We are looking for new plays that explore the ‘what ifs’ of human potential, challenge the status quo, envision a new future, offer an alternative present, or that have something meaningful to say about the world we live in. We are open to projects in all stages of development and are only accepting plays that have not as of yet received a full production or publication.

Jupiter Theatre creates bold original works of Canadian theatre that are visual, physical, and moving. We seek to share powerful stories that explore the human condition and challenge audiences through visceral and innovative productions.

How to submit?

Playwrights and theatre makers interested in submitting their work are asked to send:

  • A PDF draft of the work-in-progress script or project outline. Note: this draft may manifest itself as a full-length manuscript, as a collection of unfinished scenes, or as a preliminary scene breakdown for future writing or creating. If your project is not entirely text-based, we encourage you to get creative with how you present it to us!
  • A one-page proposal outlining the creator’s intentions with the piece, the creative questions that are being explored in the writing, an overview of the story, why you believe it to be a good fit with Jupiter Theatre, and a brief development history of the work (if applicable).
  • A current resume or CV for the leading artist(s).
  • Artists involved in the Europa New Works Incubator will be paid an honorarium.

As part of our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, and to promote equity and representation within our community, we strongly encourage and specifically welcome submissions from IBPOC, LGBTQ2IA+, female-identifying, and non-binary artists.

Deadline for submissions is January 31st, 2021 at 11:59pm. If you have a new work that you are developing and hoping to submit but meeting the deadline or fulfilling the submission criteria is, for whatever reason, an obstacle for you, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us and we will do what we can to accommodate and support you in this process.

To submit, or for more information, email Artistic Associate Constantine X. Anastasakis at [email protected].

Call for Submissions (Calgary): Page to Stage – Theatre Calgary

Theatre Calgary is seeking play submissions for the inaugural Page to Stage New Works Festival, taking place (online) March 9 – 14, 2021. (More information on this festival will be announced in the near future.)

Theatre Calgary’s new, annual Page to Stage New Works Festival will provide resources for writers to have their work developed towards a next step opportunity at Theatre Calgary. The next step opportunity could be an additional reading, a more focused workshop, an exploratory workshop production, or an actual production.

As Southern Alberta’s largest, professional theatre company, Theatre Calgary is committed to amplifying and developing voices and stories that reflect the vast and ever-changing landscape of Albertan identity. Our company is dedicated to nurturing brand-new works, ensuring that these new works, new voices, and new stories are given a platform to be seen, heard, and discovered.

Each year, our Page to Stage New Works Festival will highlight a different theme. In this, our inaugural year, Theatre Calgary is reaching out to Southern Alberta based writers, who explore the landscape and expression of queer identity (LGBTQ2S+). This is an opportunity for Theatre Calgary to provide high visibility, and focused attention to the continued development of Alberta’s queer theatre canon.

Three (3) selected works will receive dramaturgy, and workshopping, which will culminate in one, online public reading within the festival. One (1) of the selected works will receive further development that will lead to a next step opportunity (as listed above). The eventual goal for this work is a full production, produced by Theatre Calgary in a future season.

Submission package should include:
• A 10-page excerpt of:
• an unproduced play (full-length or one-act)
     OR • a play that you are currently writing
     OR • a one-page description of a play you’re inspired to write.
• An artist bio (100 words or less)
• An artist résumé

Submissions are open to all writers who identify as LGBTQ2s+, regardless of age or playwriting experience, prioritizing Southern Alberta. Compelling stories come in all forms and expressions, so if you have an unproduced play, are currently working on a new piece, or have an idea for an exciting story that reflects a queer experience, we want to hear from you!

The deadline for entry is 5:00pm (MST) on Friday February 5, 2021.

• The festival is open to permanent residents of Canada, prioritizing those who live in Southern Alberta.
• The script must be original. Adaptations of other works will not be accepted — except for works that are in the public domain, or adaptations of works to which the author holds sole copyright.
• Scripts that have been entered in other playwriting competitions, or that have been through previous workshops or public readings are eligible.
• Any scripts or works that have been professionally produced at a theatre are not eligible.
• Chosen writers agree to allow Theatre Calgary to use their names, and play titles in promotional, marketing and communication materials.

• Entries must be submitted to Zach Running Coyote (Theatre Calgary’s Artistic Associate) via email as a PDF or Word document.
• Text should be in 12 pt. font.
• Speakers’ names should be isolated from their dialogue.
• Stage directions need to be clearly distinguishable from dialogue by the use of italics or other similar manner.
• The deadline for entry is 5:00pm (MST) on Friday February 5, 2021.


Call for Submissions (Alberta): Writers and Musicians – Typecast Anonymous Productions

Typecast Anonymous Productions logo

Typecast Anonymous Productions is looking for writers and musicians/bands to work on their upcoming theatrical productions. We are accepting applications from all across Alberta for emerging and established artists who want to see their work on stage. Writers that participate will be matched with musicians to create original works that will be showcased in the Fringe Festivals, one act festivals or runs at theatres across Alberta.

All artists will receive compensation for their work (on per show basis) and will be promoted during the show’s run to build their portfolio and experience.

For writers: Please email [email protected] with an artists resume and a sample of work no longer than 10 pages.

For musicians: Please email [email protected] with an artists resume and three original songs, no longer than four minutes each.

There is no deadline for this application as theatre production is always ongoing. There is also no experience required; if you have talent, we want to showcase it!

Call for Submissions (Edmonton): Stage Struck! One Act Play Festival – Extended Deadline

Call for Entrants
Stage Struck! 2021

What: ADFA Edmonton Region Adult One-act Play Festival
When: April 16-17, 2021
Where: La Cité Francophone, 8627 rue Marie-Anne-Gaboury (91st Street)

Is there a one-act play you have always wanted to produce? Need an outlet for your own new play? We’ll provide the venue, the audience and the professional adjudication; you provide the talent! The winning play goes to the Provincial Festival May 28-29, 2021.

Entrants must be based in the City of Edmonton. Under the present pandemic conditions, we strongly suggest the following conditions to help ensure the safety of participants and patrons:

  • The number of performers should be limited to three people.
  • Cast and crew (including playwright, director, stage manager and tech) must not consist of more than seven people in total.
  • Though multiple entries are permitted, we require that cast and crew members not be involved in more than one show in the 2021 festival.
  • Social distancing guidelines of 2 meters (6 feet) will be required onstage.
  • La Cité Theatre Tech has provided us with the safety protocols being used in the theatre. If you wish to know about these please contact us

Other requirements:

  • Any scripted play, previously published or new, between 10 to 60 minutes in length, is eligible for production. We are encouraging shows that are 30 to 60 minutes in length for the 2021 festival.
  • Entry fee $50
  • Entries being accepted now. Only 3 spaces still available!

For more information or to request a registration package, contact Cassie at 780.278.2830 or [email protected]. Extended Submission deadline is January 17, 2021.


Call for Submissions (Edmonton): Mile Zero Dance

Image of lower half of a person's face with beard.

Cruising at 30 Kilometers a Second and Attempting Not To Crash

Call for Participants, deadline January 15

Multidisciplinary artist, facilitator, teacher, arts producer and community organizer Kevin Jesuino is seeking LGBT & BIPOC community members and emerging artists to participate in an upcoming community-based workshop and participation-based performance, Cruising at 30 Kilometers a Second and Attempting Not To Crash.

Just like in nature, there is no right or wrong for this project and all individuals and bodies (18+) are encouraged to sign up to participate!

The goal of this experimental work is to explore how queer bodies relate to nature, create a safe space for discussion, and loose to interpret and create!

This is a workshop based project that requires two types of participants:

  1. Pre-recorded participants will receive a score (a series of prompts) that participants will interpret in a public green space. All scores/prompts are different. Participants must have a smartphone with video capturing capability. All scores are filmed outside and no longer than 30 minutes. Videos will be submitted via
  2. Live performance participants will receive a score (a series of prompts) that they will interpret live on Feb 12 – 7pm or Feb 13 – 2pm. Participants must have a laptop or smartphone. You may be asked to film inside or in your backyard at times. For no longer than 60 minutes.

All participants will receive:

  • An invitation to a virtual collaboration dinner with various multidisciplinary artists;
  • Credit for participation in the show and for any future use of its content; and
  • $50 in compensation for their participation and 30 minute performance.


  • 18+
  • Available to attend:
    • A virtual collaboration dinner on January 23 at 7PM MST; and
    • The live performance(s) on February 12 – 7PM and/or February 13 – 2 PM.
  • Access to a smartphone to record or ‘witness’ to your experience.
  • Performance experience is not required.

All expressions of interest to participate can be submitted online. See link below.

For more information about the project, visit


Call for Submissions (Alberta): The 2021 Distinguished Artist Awards


Nominate an outstanding Alberta artist for the 2021 Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Distinguished Artist Awards. Nominations are open until February 21, 2021. The awards will take place in Lac la Biche on June 12, 2021.

To prepare for the nomination:

  • Ensure the nominee is a Canadian citizen, lives in Alberta, or has had a significant connection to Alberta over time.
  • Speak to your nominee, let them know you will be nominating them, ask for a current CV and have them complete and sign the Nominee Information Release and Consent Form. When completed, have your nominee return the signed form to you, the nominator. This is one of the required documents you will include with your Distinguished Artist Award Nomination.
  • Write a document of no more than three pages, single spaced, explaining why this nominee merits Alberta’s top recognition for artistic achievement. Include highlights of the nominee’s artistic achievements and/or their contribution to advancing their artistic discipline. If the nominee does not currently reside in Alberta, clearly outline their connection to Alberta and their contribution to growing our province’s arts and culture.
  • Complete all the fields of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Distinguished Artist Award 2021 Nomination.
  • Contact [email protected] with any questions regarding the Distinguished Artist Award 2021 nomination process.

Survey (National): Diversity of Charity and Non-profit Boards – Statistics Canada

From December 4 to 23, 2020, Statistics Canada will be collecting information on the Diversity of Charity and Non-profit Boards through crowdsourcing.
The objective is to understand who serves on the boards of charity and non-profit organizations. This information will help non-profits and charities better understand how their board compares to those of similar organizations.

Your participation is important: Your voice matters

We want to hear from you, whether you sit on a board of directors or are involved in the governance of charities or non-profits. Please take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire and feel free to forward this email to your peers—the more people participate, the better the data.

Participating is easy and secure 

Select the following link to participate:
This data collection is conducted under the authority of the Statistics Act, which ensures that the information you provide will be kept confidential, and used only for statistical and research purposes.

For general enquiries and technical assistance 

Contact us Monday to Friday (except holidays), from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Eastern Time):
1-877-949-9492 (TTY: 1-800-363-7629*) 
*If you use an operator-assisted relay service, you can call us during regular business hours. You do not need to authorize the operator to contact us.
For more information about the data collection

Call for Submissions (Edmonton): Stage Struck! 2021 – Edmonton One Act Festival

What: ADFA Edmonton Region Adult One-act Play Festival
When: April 16-17, 2021
Where: La Cité Francophone, 8627 rue Marie-Anne-Gaboury (91st Street)

Is there a one-act play you have always wanted to produce? Need an outlet for your own new play? We’ll provide the venue, the audience and the professional adjudication; you provide the talent! The winning play goes to the Provincial Festival May 28-29, 2021.

Entrants must be based in the City of Edmonton. Under the present pandemic conditions, we strongly suggest the following conditions to help ensure the safety of participants and patrons:

  • The number of performers should be limited to three people.
  • Cast and crew (including playwright, director, stage manager and tech) must not consist of more than seven people in total.

Submission deadline is December 21, 2020. For more info visit

Call for Submissions (Calgary): Make A Virutal Appearance in Christmas Carol: A Drag Story – Blue Jeans Theatre

[Image shows a holiday wreath on a red background framing the face of Mavis Vontrese. Above, in curly white font the words "Christmas Carol: A Drag Story." Below, it says "Raise a Toast to Tiny Tim"

Are you an LGBTQA2SI+ community member or ally? Do you want to make an appearance in Blue Jeans Theatre’s virtual production of Christmas Carol: A Drag Story?

The premise: We’re sending out a toast to all those we’ve lost, represented by the iconic Tiny Tim.

What we need from you: Send us a 10-second video clip of you sitting at your table/couch/wherever you eat your meals. Raise a glass and say “To Tiny Tim.”

Contact: [email protected]

Submit by: Friday, December 11th

Call for Submissions (Edmonton): Dance Projects, Pieces or Performances – Good Women Dance Collective and Azimuth Theatre

      Azimuth Theatre
Do you have a dance or movement project on your mind that you would like to share with your community? Azimuth Theatre and the Good Women Dance Collective want to help make it happen as part of the 2021 Expanse Festival!
The Good Women Dance Collective Presentation is a PAID opportunity curated by Good Women Dance Collective to present a new or existing work!
Good Women Dance Collective (GWDC) is a creation-based company committed to supporting a vibrant, sustainable and inclusive dance community in Edmonton. The society’s artistic focus is on creating, commissioning and producing innovative new contemporary works that simultaneously challenge and expand our audience.

What to Submit

  • Video Of Past Work
    • The video does not necessarily have to be the project you are applying to perform but an example of your past/recent work.
  • A Short Description Of Your Proposed Project
  • An Intro To Who You Are
    • (Whatever this looks like to you, this could be a Bio, Resume, Video Intro, share what inspires you!)
  • Who Is A Part of Your Creative Team
    • Include the names of collaborators and how they are involved in your project.
Send Materials to [email protected]
Due Date: December 31st, 2020
Questions regarding applications should be directed to [email protected].
We support and encourage the sharing of space and stories from all bodies, lands and languages. Many experiences and stories have yet to be experienced and shared on our stages. We acknowledge this and actively strive to change it. All experience levels are welcome, from artists just starting their choreographic practices to established artists in the community, we want to share in your work!
Submissions for this project are open to all. If you have yet to see your story on stage, we are here to listen, learn and create together.

All work will be curated, created and presented following and maintaining COVID-19 regulations, policy and protocol, with the possibility of pivoting to online or streaming options.

Call for Submissions (National): Call for Videos for World Theatre Day 2021 – PACT

Every year we celebrate World Theatre Day by having a messenger prepare a statement which we then tape and share. However, World Theatre Day 2021 will be taking place under very unusual circumstances, there may be no/few performances taking place on March 27th.
So we at PACT thought that this year we would try to do something different, we want to hear what YOU love about theatre. Along with our partners, Playwrights Guild of Canada, and Association des théâtres francophones du Canada, we are asking theatre-goers, actors, playwrights, tech crew, administrative staff, teachers and parents to send us a a short clip (10 secs) or photo completing the phrase “I love theatre because….”
If you wish to send a photo rather than a video please write down and complete the phrase “I love theatre because….” and take a photo with it.
We will then edit all videos and photos into a montage that showcases a multitude of voices. This way we could take a moment and remind ourselves of what we most love about live theatre.

Call for Submissions (National): ThisGen Fellowship – WhyNot Theatre

2020 ThisGen Fellowship

Why Not Theatre is excited to announce the 2021 iteration of ThisGen Fellowship. ThisGen Fellowship is a national initiative that supports BIPOC Female, Trans, and/or Non-Binary theatre practitioners get to the next stage in their careers through training, mentorship, guided self-study, and peer-to-peer connection.
We are passionate about creating a future where BIPOC Female, Trans, and Non-Binary people are supported, celebrated, and have the resources and networks they need to thrive in the arts sector. By making connections to institutional leadership, enhancing valuable skill sets, and building a network of peers, ThisGen is a launchpad for Canadian cultural leaders.
12 Fellows will be selected as part of the 2021 cohort, and applicants may apply to participate in either the Director Stream or the Cultural Leadership Stream. The program will run February-June 2021 (exact dates of activity TBD).