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Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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Deal (Alberta): Short Shoot Film Production Policies – Front Row Insurance

**SPONSORED POST** Front Row’s Short Shoot Insurance Policy (Canada) is a good option for insuring your short-term film projects. Coverage for up to 15 consecutive days of filming. The coverage is available online, 24/7. Covers rented gear, rented locations, rented props, sets, wardrobes, and more. The Short-Term Production Insurance program

Deal (Alberta): Business Insurance Policies from Front Row Insurance

*SPONSORED POST* Business or workplace insurance allows you to know that your business is protected if you ever suffer a covered loss. As an arts organization or theatre company with an office, there is risk involved in operating your business. The cost to transfer this risk to insurance is low

Deal (Alberta): Front Row Insurance Offers Discount To Theatre Alberta Members

  *Sponsored Post* Online SOLO Theatrical Insurance Policy A Simple, Low-cost Approach to Live Theatre Insurance   Who Needs This? The online SOLO insurance policy was designed for producers who are renting theatre or venue space and equipment for 28 days or less. This low-cost, short-term coverage is suitable for

Event (Calgary): Headshots Experience Day – ATB Branch for Arts + Culture

  On Friday May 10th, Studio Lumen wil be bringing their Headshots Experience Day on-location, at the ATB Branch for Arts + Culture in Calgary! They will be giving away one free headshot to a deserving new university graduate! Nominate your favourite former student, by emailing at with a

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