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Wally Wonka and the Vanilla Factory

Presented by Jubilations Dinner Theatre
  • Kayla Turnbull
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Theatre For Young Audiences

Wally Wonka and the Vanilla Factory
August 31 – October 19, 2024
Saturdays: 11:00 AM
Wally Wonka, the lesser-known brother of Willy Wonka, is running his own factory and it’s… not going well. With one last ditch effort to keep his factory afloat, he invites select guests to come see a new Vanilla creation at his factory but… do all of his guests have good intentions? With music from the 90’s to now, Jubilations Junior presents Wally Wonka and the Vanilla Factory!
Ticket Prices:
Junior Adult
Junior Child (Ages 12 & under)
Director- Melissa Dorsey

Language: English


  • World Premiere
  • Comedy
  • Theatre for Young Audiences
  • Musical
  • Immersive

Community: Calgary

Start Date: August 31, 2024
Closing Date: October 19, 2024

  • Dark Mondays
  • Dark Tuesdays

Jubiliations Dinner Theatre (Calgary)
1002 37 Street SW
Calgary, Alberta T3C 1S1
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Box Office Phone Number: 403-249-7799
Online Ticket Sales:

Production Accessibility Features: Accessible Seating, Aide Ticket Available, Mobility Accessibility Considerations (see below)

Wheelchair accessible seating is available! Call our Box Office at 403-249-7799.
Aide tickets are available at a discounted price! Call our Box Office at 403-249-7799.
Scripts are available for anyone with hearing impairments. Lights will be down during the show, but there is time before and after acts to review the script.

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