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Presented by Trunk Theatre
  • Euripides. In an adaptation by Frank McGuinness

Trunk Theatre presents an al fresco production of Euripides’ Helen in the environs of the Queen Elizabeth II Planetarium, Coronation Park from May 24th-June 4th, 2023. The production is directed by Amy DeFelice, with an all female cast that includes Julie Golosky, Linda Grass, Sophie-May Healey, Kristin Johnson, Rebecca Merkley, Prudence Olenik, Caley Suliak, Jacquelin Walters and Alison Wells. Set seven years after the Trojan War, Helen of Sparta never went to Troy, but was spirited away to Egypt, and replaced with a false Helen by the Hera to spite the Trojan prince Paris (for selecting Aphrodite as the most beautiful goddess.) A pawn in the wars of men and gods, Helen attempts to redeem her reputation, rescue her sweet but dim husband, and escape a dishonourable suitor through her wits and wiles. The Trojan War is fought over an illusion and a key idea of the play is ever-shifting truth. This is the Canadian premiere Frank McGuinness' adaptation ironic comedy. Production Designer Rory Turner. Associate Designer Even Gilchrist. Stage Manager Charlotte Braid. Choreographer Eric Awuah.
Performances are Wed-Sat. 7:30pm, Sundays at 2:00pm, Tues. at 12:30pm. Wednesdays are Pay-what-can. Presented with the support of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Edmonton Arts Council.

Language: English

Genres: Comedy, Classical, Site Specific

Community: Add New Venue

Start Date: May 25, 2023
Closing Date: June 4, 2023

Dark Mondays

Queen Elizabeth II Planetarium
13500-112 Avenue MW
Edmonton, Alberta T5M 3X8
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Tickets available through https://www.eventbrite.com/e/helen-an-al-fresco-classic-comedy-at-the-queen-elizabeth-ii-planetarium-tickets-616720556787? and/or at the door (cash only at the door).

Production Accessibility Features: Gender Neutral Washrooms, PWYC or Special Ticket Prices, Mobility Accessibility Considerations (see below)

Audience and performance areas are on flat areas, with parking accessible by ramped area (no stairs).

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