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Macbeth, Un-Scotched

Presented by Spirit Fire Theatre
  • William Shakespeare, Morag Haysom
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Presented by Spirit Fire Theatre

An original one on one conversation with you and William Shakespeare. He reveals his quest to pen the completion of his play Macbeth amid the turbulent, bloody history of post Elizabethan England. William Shakespeare gives an intimate solo performance in its original pronunciation as it would have been performed in 1606.

This will be the first of many one-actor plays as part of the "Shakespeare Off the Wagon" series of plays presented by Spirit Fire Theatre.

Starring: David Haysom as Willam Shakespeare

Directed by: David LeReaney
Written by: Morag Haysom
Produced by: Jesse McRae Foster
Stage Manager: Matt Maunier

For more information and how you can donate and support our production, please visit: www.spiritfiretheatre.ca

Language: English

Genres: World Premiere, Drama, Storytelling, One-person show

Community: Calgary

Start Date: April 4, 2023
Closing Date: April 8, 2023

Pumphouse Theatre: Joyce Doolittle Theatre
2140 Pumphouse Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T3C TP5
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Production Accessibility Features: Accessible Seating, Mobility Accessibility Considerations (see below)

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