Presented by Fire Exit Theatre
  • Krista Marushy, Alithea Davis, Czarina Zoleta
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Three short stories by Krista Marushy, Alithea Davis, Czarina Zoleta
An evening of story and food

The act or instance of sharing, thanksgiving. An exchange of thoughts, emotions. Possession or sharing in common; participation.
A communion is an intimate connection. The Latin root of communion is communionem, meaning "fellowship, mutual participation, or sharing".

As we emerge from a season of isolation and seperation, and of communicating outside of community, how do we truly reconnect with each other?

Language: English

Genres: World Premiere, Dramedy, Storytelling

Community: Calgary

Start Date: February 10, 2022
Closing Date: February 12, 2022

Dark Mondays, Dark Tuesdays, Dark Wednesdays, Dark Sundays

Evergreen Community Spaces
2-1709 8th Avenue NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 0S9
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Production Accessibility Features: Accessible Seating, Touch Tour Available,

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