Before you start – a note about CI items: If the call number of the item starts with CI, and under the title there is a line that starts with “in – (title of the collection)…” it means that the item is part of a larger collection. We would appreciate you ordering the collection itself rather than the collection item. You must bring up the individual entry for the collection and order it as you would a play title. In this way, you can see if the collection is in the library when you are ordering it. To reserve a library item, click on the Title you wish to reserve to display the detail screen of the title, as shown below. From this screen:
  1. Click on the blue Place a Reserve buttonLibrary Reserves
  2. Enter your Client Code and PIN*If you have misplaced you Client Number and PIN, please e-mail us at [email protected] or call us at (780) 422-8162 or toll free within Alberta at 1-888-422-8160 Library Reserves 2
  3. Click Place a Reserve on the next screen (leave Requested for and until blank)Library Reserves 3
  4. You’re done! A notification will appear saying your reserve was successful. If you live outside Edmonton and area, we will automatically mail your reserves to the address we have on file. Items that are not in at the moment will be mailed as soon as they become available. If you live in Edmonton and area, we will hold the books for you for 1 week. After that they go back on the shelves.Library Reserves 4
Compiled by Theatre Alberta from Kelowna Software Ltd.’s original help file information