Handy How-Tos

Searching tips for KOHA:

Our online catalogue offers various search options with different criteria on
which you can perform your searches.

The Basic Search:

The Search feature on the Library home page contains a drop-down menu to perform simple searches when you know things like the author, title or subject of the item you are looking for. Choose your term from the drop-down menu and type in what you are looking for. The term Library catalog indicates a keyword search.

The Advanced Search Page:

The Advanced Search page (shown below) helps to focus your search – chose an item from the dropdown menu and type in your term. Using the ‘and/or/not’ functions, you may add to that search term. You may also select the type of play by using the radio buttons; and/or specify a publication date range. You should be able to get pretty specific with this kind of searching. Remember, using ‘and’ between terms will limit your search. Using ‘or’ will expand your list of results.

The ‘notes/comments’ option on the drop down menus can be used to search anything in the description of the play. Try this type of search on ‘Tony Awards’ as an example. 


To find a specific cast breakdown, number of characters or phrase:

Using the basic search on the library home page, use ‘nt:’ in front of your search terms (without the quotation marks) and choose ‘Library Catalog’ from the dropdown menu. ‘nt:’ is best used on its own, not in combination with other search terms.

The search engine will only recognize characters in the way they are written in the description field. Therefore, if you are looking for a cast size of 16 characters, you will have to write the word out (i.e. sixteen), as it appears in the title notes field. The same applies for cast breakdown (i.e. nine male; three female).

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ALL of the collection items in KOHA are marked ‘Not for loan (To loan, see collection in notes)’. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get the play, just that you need to take out the collection that it is in. The name of the collection appears in the ‘Notes’ section in the holdings tab. The collection name may also appear as a link under the title of the play. Use the link to see if the collection is in the library, to see what else is in the collection, and to put the collection on hold. An example is below:

Putting an Item on Hold

You may put an item on hold by clicking on this icon:       

wherever it appears – on the record, from the cart, or list. Once you click on this icon, you will get a message asking you to confirm your holds. Make sure to click on the Confirm hold button (below) to confirm your hold. Clicking this button will send the librarian a message to pull your holds from the shelves.



Need more help? Ask the librarian