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The Crimson Cap Ladies Take on Vegas by Chris McKerracher

A Christmas Carol – Keyano Theatre Company
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The feisty Crimson Cap Ladies head to Vegas for The Crimson Cap International Convention and Bake Sale and get mixed up with a gang of jewel thieves after Millie gets kidnapped. This is a wonderful third addition to the Crimson Cap series, with laughs galore.

Genre: Comedy  / Seniors

Acts: Three

Running Time: 90 minutes

Characters: 2 male, 7 female:

  • Esther: uber-serious group leader who lives for Crimson Cappery
  • Grace: snarky widow with a more opinions than tact
  • Leona: rich, meek, easily led astray; secret tequila enthusiast
  • Millie: ditzy, half-deaf octogenarian hippy
  • Mrs. Garnet: strict, no-nonsense Regional Director of the Crimson Cap Nation
  • Dewey: hapless henchman/stooge/undercover agent
  • Daphne: henchperson/undercover agent
  • Detective Gruber: NSA agent disguised as an LVPD detective/Scandanavian hotel maid
  • Louisa: Capo di Tutti Capi of the Crimson Cap Nation/undercover agent

The play is set in modern times in a  Las Vegas hotel room.

Production/development history: Calmar Legion, May, 2016

The set is three walls with downstage doors on each side. The “hallway” door, stage right, has a peephole. There is a bathroom, upstage right in the room. The decorations are sparse and neutral as hotels usually are. There is a hotel phone on the desk and a closet big enough for all the suitcases.

Royalties: contact Chris McKerracher / 780-985-2267

Playwright Bio: Chris McKerracher is an Alberta-based playwright with many productions to his credit beginning with “Calmar; Zero to 50 in 90 Minutes” which was staged to sell-out audiences in 2005. This play and the playwright were also featured in a segment on CBC News. Since then, Chris has written many other comedies and has acted and directed in most of them. He has written plays for Halloween, Valentines, Christmas and a four play quadrilogy featuring The Crimson Cap Ladies, patterned after the Red Hat Ladies who are dedicated theatre-goers. For more information on the playwright and his plays, please visit

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