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The Crimson Cap Ladies Save the Day by Chris McKerracher

A Christmas Carol – Keyano Theatre Company
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This is the first of the quadrilogy which features four older women in a small town social club, known as The Crimson Cap Ladies. On one of their monthly excursions, they get trapped in the seedy town bar fearing for their lives as people go missing, then return acting like zombies! Of course, an alien invasion is blamed.

Genre: Comedy  / Seniors

Acts: Three

Running Time: 90 minutes

Characters: 2 male, 7 female:

  • Theresa – a middle-aged career waitress who now co-owns her own restaurant, workaholic
  • Grace: a regal looking widow, tall enough to look down on people
  • Chelsea – young waitress with a reputation
  • Dave – middle aged co-owner of bar with Theresa and bartender
  • Buck: a smart but misguided conspiracy theorist and amateur UFOlogist
  • Sheila: barmaid, 35-ish, after Dave
  • Ester: head of the Crimson Cap Ladies, a role which she takes very seriously
  • Leona: prissy older woman
  • Millie: addled, aging hippie who is hard of hearing

The play is set in a seedy bar in a small rural town in the late 1970s.

Production/development history: This play was produced by the Calmar Prairie Players at the Calmar Legion (2015).

Snappy dialogue and lots of physical comedy make this as much fun to play as it is to watch. Perfect for community theatres who attract a large segment of seniors, especially “Red Hat Ladies,” make this an easy ticket to sell. With three more episodes to show, you will be assured of a building a following!

Set: three walls, sport motif, a bar stage right

Royalties: contact Chris McKerracher / 780-985-2267

Playwright Bio: Chris McKerracher is an Alberta-based playwright with many productions to his credit beginning with “Calmar; Zero to 50 in 90 Minutes” which was staged to sell-out audiences in 2005. This play and the playwright were also featured in a segment on CBC News. Since then, Chris has written many other comedies and has acted and directed in most of them. He has written plays for Halloween, Valentines, Christmas and a four play quadrilogy featuring The Crimson Cap Ladies, patterned after the Red Hat Ladies who are dedicated theatre-goers. For more information on the playwright and his plays, please visit

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