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The Crimson Cap Ladies Catch a Con by Chris McKerracher

A Christmas Carol – Keyano Theatre Company
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The second Crimson Cap Ladies episode finds their club infiltrated by a violent escaped con disguised as an older woman from the UK. Great physical comedy and hilarious dialogue provide the laughs.

Genre: Comedy  / Seniors

Acts: Three

Running Time: 90 minutes

Characters: 1 male, 7 female:

  • Millie: 80-ish, deaf-ish addled-ish hippy
  • Grace: acerbic wit, with a heart of ice
  • Esther: VERY serious Crimson Cap leader
  • Leona: meek, rich, easily influenced
  • Eunice: new member (actually a man)
  • Don: traveling vacuum cleaner salesman
  • Chrys: Millie’s spacey niece
  • Mrs: Garnet: Crimson Cap Regional Director

The play is set in octogenarian Millie’s groovy living room.

Production/development history: Calmar Legion, May, 2016

More witty dialogue and physical humour in this, the second episode of the Crimson Cap Quadrilogy. These plays are ideal for amatuer theatre groups who attract a large segment of seniors, especially, “Red Hat Ladies”.

Set: three walls adorned in “early hippy” decor

Royalties: contact Chris McKerracher / 780-985-2267

Playwright Bio: Chris McKerracher is an Alberta-based playwright with many productions to his credit beginning with “Calmar; Zero to 50 in 90 Minutes” which was staged to sell-out audiences in 2005. This play and the playwright were also featured in a segment on CBC News. Since then, Chris has written many other comedies and has acted and directed in most of them. He has written plays for Halloween, Valentines, Christmas and a four play quadrilogy featuring The Crimson Cap Ladies, patterned after the Red Hat Ladies who are dedicated theatre-goers. For more information on the playwright and his plays, please visit

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