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The Crimson Cap Ladies Bare it All by Chris McKerracher

A Christmas Carol – Keyano Theatre Company
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Trapped! (Again)

The Crimson Cap Ladies end up on another exciting adventure when Esther accidentally books the club into a nudist camp instead of a similarly-named church camp. Complications abound as they try to keep a virginal niece raised by her Mom in the wilds of Northern Alberta away from seeing anything scandalous.

The camp is situated on an island and the next boat won’t be there for a whole week. Worse yet, there is a $1000 fine for those caught wearing clothes on camp property. Will the girls go hungry (?) or strip down to get to the restaurant and avoid paying the fine for all the suitcases?

Genre: Comedy / Seniors

Acts: Three

Running Time: 90 minutes

Characters: 3 male, 7 female, extras

  • Esther: the Crimson Cap Ladies uber-serious leader
  • Grace: snarky, cynical, opinionated aunt of Chelsea
  • Millie: aging, addled hippy with a very soft heart 
  • Leona: wealthy, frugal, and extremely modest 
  • Mrs. Garnet: Crimson Cap Nation Regional Director
  • Chelsea: Grace’s niece who has never seen a man 
  • Mr. Turnbull: creepy resort owner and manager
  • Tom: handsome, young, earnest assistant manager
  • Constable Wilson: officious member of the RCMP
  • Constable Nelly: Wilson’s more officious partner
  • nudists (extras)

Setting: The play is set in a beach house at a nudist resort on an island off the BC coast.

Production/development history: Calmar Legion, May, 2017

Don’t worry! The only nudity is in the audience’s imagination!!

Royalties: contact Chris McKerracher / 780-985-2267

Playwright Bio: Chris McKerracher is an Alberta-based playwright with many productions to his credit beginning with “Calmar; Zero to 50 in 90 Minutes” which was staged to sell-out audiences in 2005. This play and the playwright were also featured in a segment on CBC News. Since then, Chris has written many other comedies and has acted and directed in most of them. He has written plays for Halloween, Valentines, Christmas and a four play quadrilogy featuring The Crimson Cap Ladies, patterned after the Red Hat Ladies who are dedicated theatre-goers. For more information on the playwright and his plays, please visit

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