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Spring Alibi by Linda Wood Edwards

Spring in the Yukon! The spectacular view from Marlene’s window leads her to some private discoveries. But other people have windows, too. A romantic comedy about voyeurism, food, and the 8-track tape.

Genre: Romantic comedy with a twist (Mature content and language)

Acts: One

Time: 60 minutes

Characters: 1 female, 1 male

MARLENE Early forties, red hair (dyed), fit and “earthy” looking. She’s recently divorced, a rocky and traumatic ending to a long-term relationship. She’s taking a leave of absence from her prairie life and job to get away from familiar surroundings, find an adventure, and renew her spirit for life.

MAC Mid- to late-forties, with dark hair. Long ago divorced but still emotionally embroiled. Seemingly well intentioned, but chronically unemployed. A former “rig-pig”, he is finally prepared to leave the prairies in search long-term of work.

Setting: Early spring. Present day. Yukon.

For all scenes two suites, each on either side of a divided stage. Decorated differently but laid out similarly — his, the basement suite of a single male labourer; hers, a cluttered, modestly decorated hotel room with kitchenette, both with “windows” for them to peer out of. Marlene has a bed, table, chair, cupboard. Mac has a swivel easy chair, footstool, cupboard, and bar stool. Alternatively, with proper lighting they could share the stage and furniture while representing the space as uniquely his or her own. This convention asks quite a bit of the audience; minimum requirements: single bed, night table, easy chair, cupboard. Mac’s wardrobe is standard, working class guy who supports a couple of sports teams (preferably Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton Eskimos). Marlene’s wardrobe goes from uptight to progressively free. She has an affinity for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, so this should be demonstrated through a t-shirt/nightshirt and a mascot toy. Food is a big part of the play, and where possible the snacks should “fit” with the dialogue.

Royalties: Yes please

Other: 2005 and 2007 Cast was Sue Huff, Andy Northrup; directed by David Cheoros. 2006 Cast was Michele Brown, Andy Northrup; directed by David Cheoros

Spring Alibi  1996
Linda Wood Edwards
9451 Ottewell Road
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6B 2E3 

Playwright Bio: 
Linda has been producing her plays since 2005. She is delighted that Northern Light Theatre did the first professional run of The Great Whorehouse Fire of 1921 in November 2021 (co-written w/David Cheoros for Edmonton Fringe 2018). Other plays include Three Nights to Forever (2020), Trail and Error (2016), Spring Alibi (Adelaide AU 2015; 2005, 2014; Washington DC 2006; Yukon 2007; Sask. 2012); Never Let the Crew See You Cry (2013+tour), Four in the Crib (2012, 2013, High River 2018), True Grid (2007, 2010), Support Ho’s (2009), Beans & Rice (2006, Sask. 2017), Gibberish v. Genius (Canmore, YEG 2018), and Almost the Pioneer Brewing Company (Canmore, YEG, Fort McMurray 2018). Linda’s plays have garnered sweet accolades including two Sterling nominations.

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