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Silence and the Machine by Liam Salmon

A Christmas Carol – Keyano Theatre Company
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She is in every way indistinguishable from a human being. Skin stretched from a plastic polymer over metal bones, an artificial breathing cycle designed to simulate life, and a brain that reprograms itself forming its own synapses and neurological connections. All of which is owned and patented by someone else. Anya is an android with perfect artificial intelligence, Robb is her creator, and Eve will do whatever it takes. Together they will discover just how human Anya really is. Cut her and she’ll bleed, she’ll bruise even, but when the last drop runs dry…

Genre: Drama

Acts: One

Running Time: 45 minutes

Characters: 1 male; 2 female
Anya – Female, AI.
Robb – Male, Scientist.
Eve – Female, Business Liaison

Setting: Futuristic Laboratory / Interrogation Room
The play exists in a future space that could be two years from now, or one hundred. Nevertheless: the central conceit is that an android has been created who is not only visually indistinguishable from a person, but is also a perfect artificial intelligence.

Previous Productions:
New Works – University of Alberta (2015)
Nextfest – Edmonton (2016)
Theatre BSMT – Calgary (2017)

ROYALTY RATES – Contact Liam Salmon for more information on royalties

Phone: 780-965-0882

Liam Salmon Headshot (Photo Credit: National Theatre School of Canada)

: Liam Salmon is an award-winning queer playwright, dramaturge, producer, and educator based out of Amiskwakahegan, colonially known as Edmonton, Alberta (They/Them). They are a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada’s Playwriting program and their work has been produced across the country. Their work focuses on queer experiences, deconstructing gender, concepts of family, science fiction, horror, and exploring and exploding forms of theatre including classical greek, and interdisciplinary/intermedial forms. Liam was a co-producer of the Alberta Queer Calendar Project during the pandemic, and have been Playwright in Residence at Workshop West since 2020 where they’ve worked on their youtube-millenial-centric play, Subscribe or Like which was later read as a feature in the 2022 revival of the Springboards New Play Festival. They have worked with Alberta Playwright’s Network as in-room facilitator for the Edmonton chapter of Youthriot, and serve as a regular guest/substitute instructor for the Citadel Young Playwriting Company.


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