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Gibberish vs. Genius by Linda Wood Edwards

A Christmas Carol – Keyano Theatre Company
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The mandatory psychological assessment of a corporate CEO does not go according to plan.

Genre: Comedy

Acts: One

Time: 10 minutes


Setting: Modern day; a counselling office within a corporation

Inspiration: The playwright is unashamed about her love of the Teletubbies. She thinks organizations would run better (and life in general would be more pleasant) if people followed a Teletubbies lifestyle. This short play shows how it might impact a large corporation. Big hug!

Royalties: Yes

Productions: The play was first performed at Theatre Canmore’s 10-Minute Play Festivus: Theatre for the Rest of Us (March 2018). Judy McFerran starred as the CEO and David Cheoros starred as the psychiatrist. Laura Raboud directed this Northern Sabbatical Productions offering.

The play was then performed at Stage Struck (Alberta Drama Festival Association, April 2018) where Judy McFerran won a best performer award.

Gibberish vs. Genius  2018
Linda Wood Edwards

Playwright Bio: 
Linda has been producing her plays since 2005. She is delighted that Northern Light Theatre did the first professional run of The Great Whorehouse Fire of 1921 in November 2021 (co-written w/David Cheoros for Edmonton Fringe 2018). Other plays include Three Nights to Forever (2020), Trail and Error (2016), Spring Alibi (Adelaide AU 2015; 2005, 2014; Washington DC 2006; Yukon 2007; Sask. 2012); Never Let the Crew See You Cry (2013+tour), Four in the Crib (2012, 2013, High River 2018), True Grid (2007, 2010), Support Ho’s (2009), Beans & Rice (2006, Sask. 2017), Gibberish v. Genius (Canmore, YEG 2018), and Almost the Pioneer Brewing Company (Canmore, YEG, Fort McMurray 2018). Linda’s plays have garnered sweet accolades including two Sterling nominations.

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