All That’s Left by Liam Salmon

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Bags set down on a familiar precipice, returning after five years Kevin looks around his family home, “It’s like nothing has changed.” His younger sibling, Adam, is quick to point out, “They repainted – but I wouldn’t expect you to notice.” A family pushed to its breaking point: estranged siblings, unanswered calls, fading memories, and grudges set in stone. Three siblings, Kevin, Adam, and Viviane, try to come to terms with the potential loss of their parents and what that means for their fractured sense of family. In this uncertainty, is there anything that can be salvaged or have their bonds forged by blood run dry?

All That’s Left… is a three-hander between three siblings grappling with the potential death of their parents. Features a role for two men in their mid twenties, and a role for a woman in her late teens to early twenties. Complicating the situation is Kevin – a sibling who has been absent for several years due to his parent’s intolerance of his homosexual lifestyle. The action takes place in real time over about fifty minutes in their family home. 

Genre: Drama, Young Adult

Acts: One

Running Time: 50 minutes

Characters: 2 male; 1 female

Setting: Edmonton, Present day, Living room.

The play was developed as part of the Edmonton Citadel Young Playwriting Company through 2011 – 2012. 
Dramaturge/Director: Heather Inglis. 
Other Participants: Bevin Dooley, Anna Fitz, Josh Languedoc, Cameron Lewis and Kathleen Steil. 
Workshop Readings by members of the Young Acting Companies.

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Phone: 780-965-0882
E-mail: [email protected]

: Liam is an emerging playwright based out of Edmonton, Alberta. He’s almost finished his Bachelor of Arts in and has previously completed a Bachelor of Education in 2013. He was part of the Citadel Young Playwriting Company for four years were he wrote several plays including, All That’s Left, The Last Dandelion and DIG from 2010 to 2014. All That’s Left premiered as part of the 2014 New Works festival while Silence and the Machine premiered as part of the 2015 New Works festival. He’s excited to continue putting his pen to the page and seeing where that takes him.

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