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A Christmas Carol – Every Man Has the Power to Do Good by James Hutchison

A Christmas Carol – Keyano Theatre Company
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In this fresh, fun, and lively adaptation of A Christmas Carol you’ll meet Mr. Bentley, learn about the letters Scrooge wrote to his sister Fan, and find out who Mr. Newbury is. You’ll still find all the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future along with Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit, the Ghost of of Jacob Marley, Old Fezziwig, Scrooge’s nephew Fred, and the love of Scrooge’s life, Belle. There are some scary bits, a few good laughs, a tender moment or two, and some surprises! It’s a fresh take on an old tale sure to thrill young and old alike.

Genre: Christmas

Acts: Two

Time: 110 minutes

Characters: 47 characters; 15 male; 10 female (doubling)

Setting: Christmas Eve, long ago, in Victorian England

Story: When Scrooge’s nephew Fred returns letters Scrooge had written to his sister Fan long ago the past is unlocked, and Scrooge learns how his fear of poverty and pursuit of wealth cost him a chance for love and genuine happiness.

Select Productions:

2021 Jackson County Community Theatre, Brownstone, Indiana, USA
2021 Tarleton Stage University, Stephenville, Texas, USA
2020 Come Play With Me Digital Productions, Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada
2020 The Premier Theatre Company, Asbury New Jersey, USA
2019 Wokingham Theatre, Wokingham, Berkshire, United Kingdom
2019 Johnson City Community Theatre, Johnson City, Tennessee, USA
2019 Piper’s Opera House, Virginia City, Nevada, USA
2018 Lanyon High School, Conder, Canberra, Australia
2017 Carriage House Theatre, Cardston, Alberta, Canada

Cast from 2017 Carriage House Theatre Production

Peter Hague as Ebenezer Scrooge
Rob Crawford as Mr. Bentley
Mike Morphis as Bob Cratchit
Grant Comin as Fred
Blake Bevans as Mr. Granger and the Headmaster
Ben DeVuyst as Mr. Harrington and a Business Man
Levi Mason as Mr. Murdock and Old Fezziwig
Luke Credd as a Poor Boy and Cousin Herb
Sawyer Pawlenchuk as Mr. Newbury, Topper and Thomas
Esther Leighton as Mrs. Dilber
Darren Cahoom as Ghost of Jacob Marley
Candace Perry as the Ghost of Christmas Past, Rose and Caroline
Max Bevans as Scrooge as a young boy and Belle & Dick’s Child
Brad Peterson as Scrooge as a young man
Ellandra Leighton as Fan and Fezziwig’s Child
Jennica Williams as Mrs Fezziwig
Madisyn Bevans as Fezziwig Child and Caroler
Emma Schneider as Fezziwig Children and Belle and Dick’s Child
Mike Devuyst as Jacob Marley and Old Joe
Cassidy Duce as Belle
Michael Holthe as Dick Wilkens and a Business Man
Jack Crawford as Belle and Dick’s Child, Ignorance and a Boy on the Street
Emma Quinton as Belle and Dick’s Child and Want
Emma Bevans as Belle and Dick’s Child
Asa Verdon as the Ghost of Christmas Present and Spirit
Marie Morphis as Mrs Cratchit
Isaac Morphis as Cratchit child and Fezziwig Orchestra
Alexi Morphis as Cratchit child and Fezziwig Orchestra
Josh Morphis as Cratchit child and Fezziwig Orchestra
Julie Anne Morphis as Cratchit child and Fezziwig Orchestra
Adam Morphis as Cratchit child and Fezziwig Orchestra
Nathan Morphis as Tiny Tim
Ashtyn Lybbert as Emma
Dominic Caravaggio as the Ghost of Christmas Future
Anica Baff as a Business Woman
Daniel Atwood as a Spirit
Synevie Wilde as a Spirit
Shelby Robson as a Spirit
Capri Powlesland as a Spirit
Vicky Powlesland as a Caroler
Mika McCarty as a Caroler
Brianne Watson as a Caroler
Savannah Hunter as a Caroler


Producer – Alonna Leavitt
Director – Juliann Sommerfeldt
Musical Director – Alonna Leavitt
Stage Managers – Samantha Atwood & Eden Atwood
Lighting Design – Jim Fletcher
Costumes – Val Jensen & Alonna Leavitt
Costume Construction – Doreen Card, Marina Leavitt, Sheila Hague, Janet Crapo, Darren Cahoon
Set Construction – Don Pierson
Set Painting – Janet Mein, Esther Leighton, Josh Creason, Paige DeVuyst, Levi Mason, Anica Baff
Box Office – Norma Reeves
Lighting Technician – Evy Schnoor
Make-up & Hair Design – Dalys Fletcher
Make-up & Hair Assistants – Kim Schneider, Tonnia Watson, Lacey Quinton, Teagan Perry, Ivy Schnoor, Katia Van Dysse, Beth Holthe, Krystin Bevans, Emma DeVuyst
House Manager – Debbie Fletcher

Royalties: Yes

Playwright Bio: James Hutchison writes comedies, dramas, and mysteries. In addition to his original adaptation of A Christmas Carol, James has written “What the Dickens!” a full-length comedy about the Pine Tree Players’ production of A Christmas Carol where everything goes wrong. You can visit his website at where you can download all his plays for free and read his blog where he interviews other actors, directors, and playwrights.

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