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A Christmas Carol – Keyano Theatre Company
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Educational Theatre Association Publications


The library has been subscribing to ‘Dramatics’ magazine published by the Educational Theatre Association for many years. Articles and features written to assist the young adult theatre student make this a good reference publication. ‘Dramatics’ is also a good source of scripts written for performance by young adults. The publication showcases plays written by young adults. For reference, all article titles may be found in our online catalogue. (See the description field in the catalogue record of each individual issue.) The plays within the magazines have been catalogued separately and may be found in the online catalogue as well.

Unfortunately, the publication is no longer available in print form. Past and current editions of the magazine, however, are available free to read from their website. Click on the button below to view ‘Dramatics.’

Teaching Theatre

The Educational Theatre Association also publishes ‘Teaching Theatre’ which provides professional development resources for teachers. The magazine serves as a valued resource for trends or current issues in the field, such as funding, standards, and advocacy among other current topics. While we do not have physical copies of this publication in the library, it too may be accessed online. Click on the button below to access past and current editions of ‘Teaching Theatre.’

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