How to Search the Indexes by Casting Breakdown

To search the Indexes for the casting breakdown of plays, you need to know two things: How to bring up the Search feature in you web browser and the search terms we use when cataloguing our plays. Here’s how it works:

To bring up the Search feature in your web browser:

The procedure varies slightly depending on your computer:

PC instructions:
1. Open the index you’d like to search
2. Press Ctrl + F (the Control key and the F key at the same time) to open a search window in the upper left hand corner of your browser

MAC instructions:
1. Open the index you’d like to search
2. Press Command + F (the Command key and the F key at the same time) to open a Find window in the upper right hand corner of your browser 

The search terms to enter:

Casting breakdown is entered into the description field in a specific way and a successful search is dependent on recreating the exact phrasing and grammar. Here’s the key:

[number of male actors] male; [number of female actors] female
For example: three male; two female or two male; six female

Make sure you’re spelling out the number of actors instead of entering the numeral.

All male or female cast: Search all male cast; [number] characters or all female cast; [number] characters. For example: all male cast; three characters or all female cast; two characters. The search results will include plays that require doubling.

Large cast: Searches may or may not be successful as large casts are sometimes entered as simply large cast.

Other searches:

Now that you know how to do casting breakdown searches, try using the search feature for subjects or a playwright’s name or anything else you can think of that we may have entered into the description of a play.

Happy Searching!