eScript: The 1984 Dalmar Biker War

Lots of physical comedy to have fun with!

  The 1984 Dalmar Biker War by Chris McKerracher eSCRIPT –  The 1984 Dalmar Biker War (The secured PDF file will download automatically from Google Drive when you click on the play title.) Genre: Comedy  Acts: Three Running Time: 90 minutes Characters: 3 male, 5 female:
  • Edna Farnsworth: a very capable, loyal, nosy clerk/receptionist 
  • Cedric Bottomly Pompous: excitable English administrator 
  • Harry Jones: an inventive town foreman 
  • Sheriff Shirley Mulroney: assertive, never intimidated town cop 
  • Mayor Desiree DuMaurier: cougar infatuated with the Town Manager 
  • Martha Muffin: small but vital reporter, overly ambitious 
  • Mrs. Agnes Popowich: aged, cranky lady with an eastern European accent
  • Rob Fowkes: large, fierce mean biker
Setting: A small prairie town in 1984 SYNOPSIS: The staff of a small rural town must fend off an attack by a biker gang. Production/development history: This play was originally staged at the Calmar Legion by the Calmar Prairie Players in May of 2012, as well as a matinee at the Leduc Legion immediately following the Calmar run. The 1984 Dalmar Biker War is a great play for small town theatre troupes as it features characters and dialogue instantly recognizable by audiences in rural communities. This single-set play offers snappy, entertaining, humour and an exciting story line complete with a “theatre of the mind” component during the battle scenes with the bikers. The set is fairly simple with the only challenge being a half-wall separating reception from the Town Manager’s office. The action takes place wholly in the town office. Royalties: contact Chris McKerracher / 780-985-2267

PLAYWRIGHT BIO: Chris McKerracher

Chris McKerracher is an Alberta-based playwright with many productions to his credit beginning with “Calmar; Zero to 50 in 90 Minutes” which was staged to sell-out audiences in 2005. This play and the playwright were also featured in a segment on CBC News. Since then, Chris has written many other comedies and has acted and directed in most of them. He has written plays for Halloween, Valentines, Christmas and a four play quadrilogy featuring The Crimson Cap Ladies, patterned after the Red Hat Ladies who are dedicated theatre-goers. For more information on the playwright and his plays, please visit