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Emerge 2008

Pinocchio – Alberta Musical Theatre Company
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Our 5th annual Emerge (2008) was held on April 14 in Edmonton at the Citadel Theatre and on April 21 in Calgary at The Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts . EMERGE is an audition event for graduates of Alberta’s post-secondary acting programs; it’s like a two-day “coming out party” for them to strut their stuff and introduce themselves to world of professional theatre and film in the province.

In 2008, 60 graduates auditioned at Emerge for 35 artistic directors and casting professionals in Edmonton and 42 artistic directors and casting professionals in Calgary. In total, the grads were seen by 55 Alberta theatre and film companies. Representatives from large and small theatre companies, freelance and casting directors, and talent agents attended Emerge in both cities, were treated to breakfast and lunch by Theatre Alberta, and sat through over eight hours of auditions.On behalf of the grads, thank you for your support!

Our thanks to everyone who participated in Emerge 2008, graduates and professionals alike! Emerge is organized by Theatre Alberta as a service to both of these groups, and as such their participation is crucial to the success of the program. Good luck with your casting!

Fostering relationships between Alberta’s emerging and professional artists

Emerge Edmonton 2016 (13)

Emerge is an annual audition event held in both Edmonton and Calgary that brings together graduates of Alberta post-secondary acting programs with Alberta’s artistic directors, freelance directors, casting directors, and talent agents. 

Emerge strengthens ties, and increases communications between our post-secondary drama programs, and the professional community. Theatre Alberta initiated the program in 2004, and to date 958 emerging actors have participated in the Emerge audition process for the professional theatre community in our province.

Participation in Emerge is by invitation only. Theatre Alberta contacts post-secondary institutions and professional companies/individuals with invitations to participate throughout the year.

If you would like more information about Emerge please contact: 
Jake Tkaczyk
Theatre Alberta: Program Coordinator (Acting)
1-780-422-8162 / 1-888-422-8160

Now that Emerge is done, I feel solid about auditioning and entering this world... Emerge is a great "coming-out" party. There. I did it. Now let's go get jobs.
Emerge 2017
Emerging Actor
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