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The Party – Citadel Theatre
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2012-2013 Fiscal Year Donors and Supporters

The programs and services provided by Theatre Alberta would not be possible without government, foundation, corporate and private support, and especially the generous donations made by our members and friends.

Government Partners

Alberta Foundation for the Arts             Calgary Arts Development      

Theatre Alberta received support in 2012/2013 from the Government of Alberta through the
Community Spirit Program.

Artstrek 2012 Scholarship Program Partner

Cenovus Energy - Community Investment

General Donations

Stephanie Leaf
Michele Brown
Thomas Usher
ConocoPhillips Canada (employee donation matching program)
Terry Shane Murder Mysteries
Nicole Leal-Deacon
Kerri Davis
Clay Golden
Stephen Heatley
Kathleen Elva Newby
Chantal Yardley
Connie Schwartz
Barry Greenspan
Kate Ryan
Beth Jenkins
Jain Kurany
Lorna Thomas
Robin King
Liana Shannon
Adrian Tanasichuk
Kristin Swirles
Mary-Ellen Perley
Michael Kennard
Val Lieske
Ian Bamford
April Banigan
Kenneth Abernathy 
Barbara and Anthony Dias
Terri Mort
Jeremy Mason
Gerry Dittrich
Phyllis Heltay
Catherine Vleiguth
Michael Peng (donation of books to Theatre Alberta’s Library)
Red Willow Players (donation of books to Theatre Alberta’s Library)
Anne Marie Szucs (donation of books to Theatre Alberta’s Library)

And…Theatre Alberta Library patrons who gave via our donation jar)!

The following people donated $100 to our 2011-2012 100 Angels fundraiser, but missed the campaign’s fiscal year-end deadline. Theatre Alberta processed their donations for the 2012-2013 fiscal year and we are proud to list their names here:
Karen Towsley
Cara Brown 
Richard O’Brien 
S. Busby and J.P. Fournier 
Keith Ewasiuk

World Theatre Day 2013 Donors

Michele Fleiger
Alex & Joan Hawkins

2012 Casino Volunteers

On November 22 and 23, Theatre Alberta had 32 wonderful people volunteer their time and energy to work our 2012 Casino. This is a valuable source of funding for our organization. By volunteering to work a shift or two, these volunteers have directly supported our programs and services. We did the math: one volunteer shift at a Theatre Alberta Casino is worth approximately $2,015 (averaged over our past four casinos)! Thanks so much to the following volunteers:

Clyde Rigsby
Ken Agrell-Smith
Julie Sinclair
Marie Gynane-Willis
Ella Mayer
Jan Taylor
David Wolkowski
Kevin Mott
Sue Quon
Ruby Swekla
Michele Brown
Katherine Gorham
Mary Elizabeth Archer
Giorgia Severini
Amanda Niblett
Rachel Rudd
Brenda McNicol
Mary-Ellen Perley
Adam Mitchell
Dana Rayment
Davina Stewart
Bobbi Westman
Catherine Wenschlag
Pamela Schmunk
Julie Brown
Barbara Mah 
Nic Mather
Alex Hawkins
Janice Hoover
MJ Kreisel
Phil Kreisel
Kristen Finlay

2012 Gift-A-Play Donors

Anne Marie Szucs
Becky Halliday
Elizabeth Budd
Karen King
Noree Claerhout
Linette Smith
Michele Brown
Kristen Padayas
Karen Johnson Diamond
Brenda Sutherland
Jenny Price
Julie Sinclair
Anna Davidson
Sue Quon
Kevin T. Mott
Leah Beaudry
Kim McCaw
Russell and Heather Thomas

Donations in Memomory of Keith Ewasiuk

Roxanne Boyko
East Edmonton Children & Youth Services
Trish Rawsell
Jan Streader
Emil Shandro
Anne Achtymichak
Marina Skendric
Carter LeBlanc
Beth J Holland
The Office of the Child and Youth Advocate
  – North Advocate Office
Greater Black Gold Teachers’ Local #8
Shelley MacKay
Carlie Pasichnuk
Judi & Ed Wojda
Tanya Lalonde
Gerard Hayduk
Greg Kondrak
Lynnette Shpeley
Carol Kelly
Shane, Austin & Christine Simon
Bobbie-Jo & Nicholas Strum
Lynn Fogwill & Gerry Sutton
Michele Brown
Geri Dittrich
Betty Kolodziej
Renae Leitch
Jason Brudler
Tania Brudler
Cathie Hayward
David Ushko Professional Corporation
Bill & Cathy McGregor
École Secondaire Beaumont Composite High   School (in recognition of Keith’s 30 years of   service with Black Gold Regional Schools)
Tim Bowles
Linda Miller
Ron Barnhart
Beverly MacInnis
Bryan Yardley
Pamela Schmunk
Ryan Thorsen
Gail Olmstead
Marion Novacaska
Melissa Baron
Jacqueline M. Wallis
Janice Yu
Dominic A. Manca
Judy Kotylak
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Chewka
Darren Chewka
Mandy Stewart
Jeff Ryan
Marjan Ruitenschild
Colinne Stroud
Merelee Panych
Marie Anne Babie
Colette Goulden
Carol Green
Dave & Rita Giles
Joan Huculak
Bob & Sharon Lewchuk/Anne Prusko
Laurie Clifford
Carol Cable
Andrea & Louis Soucy
Anne Marie Adams
Karen McMullen
Michele Brown
Joanne Brudler
Jackie Stewart
Jan Taylor
Janet Kinsella
Thomas and Judy Peacocke
Grace and Carl Rosenau
Nick Mitchell
Erin Hart-Sande
Doug & Karen Boisvert
Mildred Panylyk

Michelle Dias Community Service Award Donors

Janet Sellery
Tyson Erno
Kevin and Renee Riley
Barbara and Anthony Dias
Deborah Ferguson
Gillian Dias
Giselle Dias
Danielle and Brian Urquhart
Anthony Urquhart Donations

These folks donated their cars (!) to Theatre Alberta through

Sarah van Tassel
Nomi Stricker

Donors and Supporters from Previous Years

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