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The Party – Citadel Theatre
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The 100 Angels of Theatre Alberta campaign required theatre patrons and lovers who believe in a strong and united Albertan theatre community to come forward. And come forward you have. Thank you so much for all of your support! Each name listed below represents a $100 (or more) donation to Theatre Alberta, provided to us between December 2011 and March 31, 2012 (our fiscal year-end).

Angel in America Angels in… Alberta?

We found more than 100 of them!

Why Angels Donated:

We would be honoured to be one of the Angels!!! This contribution is in loving memory of Julie Mueller , a long time board member, volunteer and supporter of ELOPE Musical Theatre and theatre in Edmonton.

~ Robyn & Kevin Mott

Our donation is in memory of Frank Glenfield.

~ Joan & Alex Hawkins

One of my donations is made in memory of Tim Ryan, the other in memory of Gordon and Peggy Ferguson – winners of acting awards from Betty Mitchell in the 1940’s.

~ Deborah Ferguson

In memory of Bill and Eira Davies.

~ Helen Rogers

In gratitude to Neil Simon.

~ Caroline Russell-King

Simply in honor of all of the hardworking people and volunteers who make this program life changing for kids! My son had kids tell him that they would probably not be alive without Artstrek – the only place they ever felt seen.
Blessings to all of you!

~ White Lotus Interiors

In fond memory of my decade living in Alberta and working in the theatre sector. I have wonderful recollections of working at Alberta Theatre Projects, Central Alberta Theatre, Pleiades (now Vertigo ), Quest Theatre, as well as for and with a host of other arts including Alberta Playwrights Network and Theatre Alberta.

~ Leonard K. Belsher (in Québec)

In honour of Lunchbox Theatre’s production of A.J. Demers’ The Whimsy State, or the Principality of Outer Baldonia.

~ Sheldon Davis (in Toronto)

I would like to donate to Angels in honour of my glorious son, whose incredible talent and love for theatre was so strongly encouraged and developed through Artstrek. Thank you!!

~ Gail Fredrickson

In memory of Wendi Pope and Richard Winnick.

~ Nicole English

For all the good work that Theatre Alberta does to support theatre and theatre artists across the province.

~ Geoffrey George

In honor of the amazing Theatre Alberta librarians who go above and beyond the call of duty to make the library’s resources so accessible.

~ Anonymous

To honor all of the excellent work that Theatre Alberta does to support and contribute to theatre and theatre artists across the province.

~ Wade Staples

For Artstrek, which meant so much to our children.

~ Kim McCaw

Because Theatre Alberta provides the best Professional Development.

~ Karen Towsley

Thank you to Angels who missed March 31 deadline, but donated $100 all the same

Karen Towsley
Cara Brown
Richard O’Brien
S. Busby and J. P. Fournier
Keith Ewasiuk

One Hundred (plus) Angels of Theatre Alberta

116. Phil Boudier
115. Shawn Defoy
114. Norm Sutton
113. Phil Kreisal
112. Jeremy Mason
111. Jeremy Mason
110. Jain Kurany
109. Natasha Napoleao & Patrick Howarth
108. Michael Beamish
107. Kim McCaw
106. Russell Bowers
105. Ron Lavoie
104. Wade Staples
103. Melissa Mayville
102. Neal Halstead and Joe Slabe
101. Benjamin Eastep
100. Simon Mallett – “Because Theatre Alberta deserves the support of Alberta’s Theatre Community.”
99. Anonymous
98. Geoffrey George
97. Nicole English
96. Eva Cairns and David Ley
95. Sally Hunt
94. Louis B. Hobson
93. Neil Fleming
92. Janet Humeny
91. Dave Horak and Bridget Ryan
90. Doug Mertz and Stefano Muneroni
89. Gail Fredrickson
88. Sheldon Davis
87. The Theatre Garage
86. Kate Newby
85. Tracy Carroll
84. Leonard K. Belsher
83. The cast of $38,000 for a Friendly Face @ Rosebud Theatre
82. Kevin Humphrey
81. James McKinnon
80. Brendan Nearey
79. Paul Ekberg
78. Thomas Usher
77. The cast of The Whimsy State, or the Principality of Outer Baldonia at Lunchbox Theatre
76. Gail Whiteford
75. Rooney & Punyi Educational Theatre Productions
74. Cole Humeny
73. David Barnet and Edith Mitchell
72. Christie Lites Alberta
71. Silvia Koso
70. Jane Heather
69. Kevin McKendrick
68. White Lotus Interiors
67. White Lotus Interiors
66. Anonymous
65. Caroline Russell-King
64. Ken Agrell-Smith
63. Debbie Giesbrecht
62. Ryland Alexander and Amy Zarzeczny
61. Betty and Paul Moulton
60. Blaine Newton
59. Elyne Quan
58. Barb Mah
57. Amy Dettling
56. Fentsi Imprint Inc.
55. Frank Tichy
54. Brenda Sutherland
53. Andrea Martinuk and Jeff Osterlin
52. Campus Tower Suite Hotel
51. Anne Marie Szucs
50. Donna and John Mitchell
49. Andrew Carter
48. Andrew Carter
47. Andrew Carter
46. Andrew Carter
45. Andrew Carter
44. Sparky Johnson
43. Helen Rogers
42. Donation from The Pine Tree Players, Canmore.
41. Donation from The Pine Tree Players, Canmore.
40. Donation from The Pine Tree Players, Canmore.
39. Donation from The Pine Tree Players, Canmore.
38. Sandra and Peter Moloney
37. Misty Oakes and Shawn Defoy
36. David Prestley
35. Zenovia Adams
34. Linda Wood Edwards
33. Marcia and Phil Bell
32. Amanda Bergen
31. Kristen M. Finlay
30. Kristen M. Finlay
29. Jan Taylor
28. Duane Mills
27. Holly Turner
26. Geller Logan Family
25. Karyn Mott
24. Karen King
23. Matt Gould
22. Deborah Ferguson
21. Deborah Ferguson
20. Marie Gynane-Willis
19. Marie Gynane-Willis
18. Stephen & Sandy Kennedy
17. Liam & Andrew Brown
16. Joan & Alex Hawkins
15. Robyn & Kevin Mott
14. Amanda Wiebe
13. Lynda Adams
12. Alan Roberts
11. Russell and Heather Thomas
10. Karen Johnson-Diamond, Kevin Cork & Griffen Cork
9. Claude Giroux
8. Geoffrey Ewert
7. Julie Sinclair
6. Brenda Holliday
5. Wil Knoll
4. Michele Brown
3. Cailín M
2. Aaron, Miki & Adara Talbot
1. Keri and Adam Mitchell

Donors and Supporters from Previous Years

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