Event (Online): Playwrights Canada Press Fall Book Launch

Fall book launch banner
Celebrating the publication of Sound of the Beast, Bears, Acha Bacha, Brontë: The World Without, and Amaryllis & Little Witch
Join Playwrights Canada Press in celebrating the launch of five new plays with a virtual group reading from the authors and special guests!!
Starts promptly at 8pm EDT, 6pm MDT.


Amaryllis & Little Witch by Pascal Brullemans, translated by Alexis Diamond
Acha Bacha by Bilal Baig
Brontë: The World Without by Jordi Mand
Bears by Matthew MacKenzie
Sound of the Beast by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard
Want to purchase the books before the event? All print and ebooks are currently 25% off on the PCP website!
In these dark fairy tales for young readers, two girls face danger while grieving loved ones, learning some hard truths about growing up along the way.
A young queer Muslim man struggles to navigate his tumultuous relationships with his genderqueer lover and manipulative mother as traumatic memories from his past begin to resurface.
The literary careers of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë unfold in this striking historical drama, which collects the moments filled of passion and self-expression to show what it was like to be an ambitious woman in the 1800s.
Floyd, the prime suspect in a workplace accident, follows the route of the Trans Mountain Pipeline as he is pursued by the RCMP. But by the time he reaches the Pacific, Floyd has experienced some significant physical changes…
Through spoken word, storytelling, and hip hop, acclaimed wordsmith Donna-Michelle St. Bernard challenges racial discrimination, the suppression of expression, and the trials of activism. By weaving her personal experiences in Canada around a reflection on the Tunisian emcee Weld El 15’s unjust imprisonment for insulting cops and a politician in a song, she creates a space to reflect on how we are part of the systems that oppress us, and on how to be a part of a solution.

Announcement (International): Remote Performance Rights Now Available for Select Titles – Music Theatre International


Introducing Remote Performance Rights. Image of computer screens with people in online meetings.

Because of the ongoing nature of the pandemic, many customers have realized that gathering on stage for a live production may not be possible. If getting together in-person is not an option, consider licensing the rights to perform an MTI musical remotely.

For select titles, MTI is now offering Remote Performance Rights – the ability to produce the show with cast members performing individually from remote locations rather than live on stage.

Remote Performance Rights give you the ability to use video conferencing technology (e.g. Zoom) or other recording methods to create and capture a “Remote Performance” of your musical to be shown on the showtix4u.com streaming platform.

We are extremely excited to help provide new ways for your shows to go on, and we are working hard to provide Remote Performance Rights for as many MTI shows as possible. The list of available shows will grow over time so please visit the MTI website to learn when new titles are added and for information about licensing.

CLICK HERE to learn more.

What’s Online (International): The Kilroys Book Drop Party


Spread the word far and wide– it’s time to party!!

The Kilroys List Book Vol. Two is here, with scenes and monologues from 67 women and nonbinary playwrights and a foreword by Lynn Nottage. We’ll be celebrating with TCG on Zoom this Tuesday, May 19, hosting a party you don’t want to miss! Join us to toast the playwrights and hear some readings from the book. Let’s get together and be badass in this crazy, lonely time.
Theatre Communications Group and The Kilroys present…
Tuesday May 19 2020
8PM Eastern
5PM Pacific
on Zoom (RSVP required)
featuring readings from playwrights included in
The Kilroys List Book Vol. Two:
  • Aleshea Harris
  • Callie Kimball
  • Carla Ching
  • Christina Anderson
  • Christina Quintana
  • Donnetta Lavinia Grays
  • Gia Marotta
  • Hansol Jung
  • Ione Loyd
  • Karen Hartman
  • Kristiana Rae Colon
  • Leah Nanako Winkler
  • Marisela Orta
  • Ming Pfeiffer
  • MJ Kaufman
  • Ngozi Anyanwu
  • Rachel Bonds
  • Tori Keenan-Zelt
  • as well as special guests from TCG and The Kilroys including Annah Feinberg and Gina Young
This event is free, but donations are always welcome.

Theatre Alberta Library: 24 Days of Plays

We would like to have a little fun this holiday season so we created:

It’s our gift to you for being solid supporters of Theatre Alberta!

Each day in December – until the 24th – a title of a play will appear on our Facebook posts, Twitter feed and our website, complete with a link. Click the link to discover more about the play, the playwright or other fun facts – just like an advent calendar. 

And, of course – each play is ready and waiting for you (along with many others like them) to take out at the Theatre Alberta library!  

Find it here: 24 Days of Plays



Theatre Alberta Library: The 2018 Gift-A-Play donation campaign is underway!

Please help to support Canada’s largest fully circulating, independent theatre library by adding new titles to our collection.

This year’s Wish Lists contain selections of titles that we would like to add to the library collection, but could not purchase on this year’s budget. Our first wish list is from Amazon, and the second is from Playwrights Canada Press containing titles for purchase directly through the University of Toronto Press. Ordering from our Playwrights Canada Press list is a great way to directly support this important Canadian Publisher and the artists they serve.

These are our Christmas lists and we hope our members and friends are in the gift-giving mood this holiday season! Items selected for Gift-A-Play by our librarian are often the most engaging and exciting books on the annual acquisitions list. Take a look at what this year’s Wish Lists hold for you!


Thank you so much for your continued support and Happy Holidays from all of us at
Theatre Alberta!

Library: It’s acquisitions time!?!?! – Theatre Alberta

Nothing overwhelms me like acquiring scripts for the library. It hits me like a tidal wave. I mean, it’s like being the proverbial kid in a candy store!

Everywhere I look, I find lots of titles that would be good for our collection. In doing research for the annual acquisitions list I look in many places: all the season information that we collect for Playbill, requests from members, Emerge auditions, award winning plays, new Canadian plays, the seasons from different Canadian theatres and Broadway, new product catalogues, and suggestions from trade journals, just for a start. I even browse through Amazon. Add to that a running list of titles we have that need repair or replacement. The list seems endless and full of possibility.

Then reality hits. It’s called a budget. We are all faced with one at some point. So, I do what we all do, and prioritize. Our mandate is to collect published Canadian plays, then member suggestions, then hot new plays, then playwrights or series we collect, then fillers for holes in the collection – especially quality stuff for children and young adults, Christmas themed works and reference materials.

Then just when I think I finally have THE list, the publishing industry does not always cooperate. Plays go out of print, are not published yet, are fiercely protected by publishers (musical librettos especially), or are so expensive I have to put that title aside. What a juggling act!

This is why I appreciate library donations and our Gift-A-Play campaign.  I find treasures in all our donated items which definitely helps make our budget go further, especially when I can replace a worn title or two with them. Gift-a-Play helps me fill the collection with titles I had to put aside, or are just hot off the press.

I also appreciate suggestions from members for what we should have in the collection. It may take some time to get these titles, but eventually they are purchased when possible. Happy PlaceLeaving Iowa, On Freedom, and Picnic at Hanging Rock were all acquired through suggestions.

When all the dust settles, we end up with a fairly balanced list of acquisitions. I am so satisfied, I’ll do it all again next year.



Library: Books, books, so many books….. – Theatre Alberta

What do you do with all those books you don’t want anymore?

There are many ways to recycle your volumes:

  • Share with friends, neighbors or colleagues.
  • Set up a mini share station at your workplace, church or other local gathering place (with permission of course) where you can leave a book and take a book.
  • Donate to local charities for them to recycle or share.
  • Check craft idea websites to see what projects are possible.
  • Use your local paper recycling service – remove hard covers first!
  • Have your own book sale or a garage sale.
  • Donate them to your local library.
  • Take them to a local used book store for resale.
  • Use them in bookshelves to line your walls for extra insulation…

Just kidding with that last one, but it seems that at my house, this is what my bookshelves do.

Here at Theatre Alberta, we are recycling a well-worn copy of a play in order to have fun with a contest called PLAY IN A JAR!

We need to find new homes for donated plays (which, by the way, are in excellent shape) that we can’t use in the library.  So, starting on August 27th, drop by the library and try your luck guessing the title of the play we shredded and put in a jar. For guessing correctly, you will get a bundle of three donated plays. At the end of September, we will put all the correct entries into a draw for a grand prize of eight donated plays and some Theatre Alberta swag. Members outside Edmonton will be able to play along via Twitter and Facebook – just watch for the clues in future posts!

Have fun!

Chris Profiri, Librarian

Library: Looking for English Accent and Dialect Resources? – Theatre Alberta

If you’re getting ready for your next show and are looking to get the English accent or dialect of your character just right, check out these two great online resources:

International Dialects of English Archive (IDEA) specializes in English-language accents and dialects heard around the world. Access to the archive is free and contains about 1,400 samples from 120 countries and territories.

IDEA also has an exhaustive list of dialect links and resources covering the following topics:

Dialect Resources Online
Pronunciation Dictionaries and Resources
Recording Software
Voice, Speech, and Phonetics Sites
Suggested Reading

The Speech Accent Archive provides you with free access to about 2,600 speech samples from a variety of language backgrounds – both native and non-native speakers of English.

In the Resources section, you’ll find a long list of sources consulted for the archive along with links to several helpful websites.

Accents and Dialects

If you prefer to go old school and happen to have access to a CD player, or an old cassette player, then check out some of the numerous resources available at our library, including Jerry Blunt’s Stage Dialects and More Stage Dialects, dialect resources by Gillian Lane-Plescia, and David Alan Stern’s Acting with an Accent series. The resources might be a bit “oldish” but they’re still invaluable.

~ Solveig and Chris, Librarians

Note: All of the above links can be found in our Accents & Dialects Subject Guide.

Library: Copyright and Securing Rights to Produce a Play! – Theatre Alberta


Obtaining rights to produce a play can seem daunting for new producers; however, it is not as complex as it might sound. In most cases, rights are only a phone call or a simple online application form away.

The first step is to find out who holds the production rights. Have a look at the first few pages of the script – especially the front and back of the title page.

Rights & RoyaltiesWe looked through the first couple of pages of these two plays. This is what we found:

The Gentleman Clothier by Norm Foster
The title page contains the title of the play, the name of the playwright, and the publisher: Playwrights Canada Press. The first line on the back of the title page reads: The Gentleman Clothier © 2016 by Norm Foster. There’s also a statement on that same page that reads: For professional or amateur production rights, please contact: The Gary Goddard Agency.

The Forbidden Phoenix by Marty Chan
Again, the title page contains the title of the play, the name of the playwright, and the publisher: Playwrights Canada Press. The first two lines on the back of the title page reads: The Forbidden Phoenix book © Copyright 2010 Marty Chan, lyrics © Copyright 2010 Marty Chan / Robert Walsh. There’s also a statement on that page that reads: For amateur or professional production rights, please contact: Playwrights Guild of Canada

If it’s not obvious whom to contact to obtain production rights, we suggest that you contact the publisher who’ll be able to put you in contact with the right person. These are some of the publisher’s you’re likely to come across:

Playwrights Guild of Canada
Playwrights Canada Press
Samuel French
Dramatic Publishing
Dramatists Play Service
Music Theatre International
Theatre Rights Worldwide (TRW)

If you’re still unable to locate the copyright holder, you’ll find more information on these websites:

Copyright Board of Canada – Unlocatable Copyright Owner in Canada
United States Copyright Office
CopyLaw.com – Locating Copyright Holders in the US

All of the links mentioned in this blog post can also be found in our online catalogue. Just click the tab LINKS in the top right corner.

Now that you know whom to contact, give them a call or fill out their online application form. Visit their website and look for a link called Royalties, Licensing, Performances, or Production Rights. The terminology varies a bit from site to site but that’s the general terminology.

If you want to know more about rights and royalties and what to expect when applying for production rights, check out our Ins and Outs of Rights and Royalties guide.

Break a leg!
~ Chris and Solveig, Librarians

Library: Celebrating World Theatre Day and Diversity! – Theatre Alberta


Today is the day we celebrate theatre – it’s World Theatre Day. UNESCO’s International Theatre Institute (ITI) initiated this special day 57 years ago and theatre communities around the globe have been celebrating ever since – we promote, create awareness, enjoy and share theatre, and we share the annual message from the Institute. This year’s message is not one but five messages written by a diverse group of authors, each from a different UNESCO region: Africa, the Americas, Arab Countries, Asia Pacific and Europe.

In celebration of World Theatre Day and in the spirit of diversity, we encourage you to expand your horizons and diversify your reading list – read a play by a playwright that you haven’t read before! Here’s a short list of diverse plays and playwrights that might inspire you:

  • The Theatre of Sabina Berman by Sabina Berman
  • Collected Plays in Translation by Vijay Tendulkar
  • Testifyin’: Contemporary African Canadian Drama edited by Djarnet Sears
  • The Complete Fawlty Towers by John Cleese and Connie Booth
  • Latin American Plays selected and translated by Sebastian Doggart
  • Staging Coyote’s Dream edited by Monique Mojica and Ric Knowles
  • Playwrights of Exile: An International Anthology
  • Valley Song by Athol Fugard
  • Love + Relasianships edited by Nina Lee Aquino
  • Contemporary Australian Plays edited by Russell Vandenbroucke
  • A Season in the Congo by Aimé Césaire

Happy Reading!
~ Chris and Solveig, Librarians

Library: We Read Banned Books! – Theatre Alberta


Books are challenged and banned from libraries every day. Only 30% of challenged books make it back onto the library shelves. On February 25th to March 3rd, we celebrate Freedom to Read Week by reading some of the many challenged and banned books available at our library:

Freedom to Read Week

  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon, adapted by Simon Stephens
  • The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufman
  • James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl, adapted by Richard R. George
  • Lord of the Flies by William Golding, adapted by Nigel Williams
  • Tartuffe by Moliere
  • The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler
  • Rent by Jonathan Larson
  • The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare
  • Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You by Christopher Durang
  • Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
  • Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward
  • To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, adapted by Christopher Sergel
  • Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, adapted by Paul Kester
  • Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, adapted by David Rogers

Freedom to Read Week provides an opportunity for Canadians to focus on issues of intellectual freedom as they affect our community, our province, our country, and countries around the world.

Celebrate FREADOM!
~ Chris & Solveig

Library: Thank You Gift-A-Play Donors – Theatre Alberta


$400 worth of books donated!

Thank you so much to all of you who so generously supported our Gift-a-Play donation campaign. Theatre Alberta received 21 books worth $400. All the books have arrived and we’re cataloguing as fast as we can. Most of the books are already available for borrowing – the remaining will be on the shelves shortly.

2017 Gift-A-Play Campaign

Again, special thanks to: Jessica Glover, John M Knight, Stacey Grubb, Sue Quon, Morris McClelland, Kim McCaw, Julie Sinclair, Dorian Lang, Brenda Sutherland, and Anonymous.

If your purchase of scripts totaled more than $20, you are eligible to receive a tax receipt. Please forward your purchase receipt to [email protected], if you haven’t done so already.

Our Gift-A-Play Wish List is still active. To purchase play scripts for the Library, please click here.

Happy New Year,
Chris and Solveig

Library: Are You Ready for Some Holiday Cheer? – Theatre Alberta

Under Wraps
We had too much wrapping paper and wanted to give you a little holiday surprise so we created Under Wraps! We’ve wrapped 60 titles that are all recent additions to our library, just for the fun of it!

Pick a number from 1-60 (or 2 or 3 numbers). We’ll lend you the book (or the closest number to it) either by mail out or in-person as usual – but no peeking ‘till you get it home! Get in touch with us via email or phone or come in to choose your book. When they’re gone, we’re done!

Happy Holidays

~ Solveig and Chris

Library: 2017 Gift-A-Play Donation Campaign


Theatre Alberta Library’s 2017 Gift-A-Play donation campaign has arrived!

Please help to support Canada’s largest fully circulating, independent theatre library by adding new titles to our collection.This year we’ve created two Wish Lists with selections of titles that the we would like to add to the library collection, but could not purchase on this year’s budget: our usual Amazon Wish List; and a new Playwrights Canada Press Wish List with titles for purchase through University of Toronto Press. Ordering from our Playwrights Canada Press list is a great way to directly support this important Canadian publisher and the artists they serve.

These are our Christmas lists and we hope our members and friends are in the gift-giving mood this holiday season! Items selected for Gift-a-Play by our Librarians are often the most engaging and exciting books on the annual acquisitions list. Take a look at what this year’s Wish Lists hold for you!

Thank you so much for your continued support and Happy Holidays from all of us at Theatre Alberta!

Library: 2017 GG’s Literary Award Winners!

The 2017 Winners of the Governor General’s Literary Awards have been Announced!

The Canada Council for the Arts announced the winners of this year’s GG Literary Awards on Tuesday. The Awards annually celebrates the best Canadian books – this year’s English-language Drama Award Winner is Hiro Kanagawa‘s Indian Arm.

GG Drama Award FinalistsThere were five amazing English-language Drama Award Finalists this year: Indian Arm by Hiro Kanagawa, The Colony of Unrequited Dreams by Robert Chafe, The Virgin Trial by Kate Hennig, Within the Glass by Anna Chatterton, and 1979 by Michael Healey. All five plays are available at our library.

~ Solveig Anderson, Librarian