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All applicants to Artstrek require a reference from a teacher, director, or someone in their community who is familiar with their interest and/or experience in the performing arts. Teachers may refer more than one student to Artstrek – in fact, we encourage it!

A reference letter is required for students new to Artstrek and/or students seeking financial assistance (new or returning). Theatre Alberta contacts references by email as soon as an application is submitted. (Students should be contacting referrers in advance of filling out the application form.) To help facilitate this process, we ask that you please:

If Theatre Alberta requires your reference, a link to a referral form will emailed to you. The form will ask you to confirm your own contact information, information about the student you are referring, and ask you whether you highly recommend, recommend with reservation, or do not recommend the student to attend Artstrek.

If you do not select “highly recommend” we will want a bit more information about the student so that we can make an informed decision about whether or not to accept the student to Artstrek and, if so, how our curriculum team can best help that student succeed.

We ask that referrers make their recommendation within one week of the student’s Artstrek application submission.

Theatre Alberta also offers financial assistance for students to attend Artstrek.

We operate two scholarship programs:

If the student applies for a Scholarship, the student’s referrer/supporter will be expected to provide comments about the student’s financial need.

The form will ask you about the student’s eligibility for either of these programs. The student should have spoken to you about their intent to apply before registering for Artstrek.

If you have any questions about referring a student to Artstrek, please email us at [email protected].

Many organizations will sponsor students to attend Artstrek

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