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Artstrek 2023: The Importance of Being at Artstrek

Artstrek 2019
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Artstrek extends its most enthusiastic invitation to this summer's theatre experience!

Dearest Artstrekkers, 

Alberta is abuzz with the latest gossip about the original historical romance comedy arriving at Artstrek this summer!

With eccentric characters, mistaken identity, rapid fire dialogue and ensuing chaos, Earnest promises to be a joyous laugh out loud week-long comedy adventure. First performed in 1895 in London, the play continues to slap in 2023.

Sometimes called A Trivial Comedy for Serious People, this farce features a community thrust in chaos due to young people casting off the burdensome social obligations and norms of the time. Mocking marriage, courtship, etiquette, and all the little things we do to ‘fit in’ in society, The Importance of Being Earnest has never been more important. (see what we did there?!)


Theatre Alberta

Registration for Artstrek 2023 opens on April 1st at 10 a.m. Check back for any updates and information on Artstrek. The dates for this summer’s programming are as follows:

  • 12* – 15 year olds | Exploration I | July 16 – 21, 2023
  • 16 – 18 year olds | Exploration II | July 23 – 29, 2023

*12 year olds must have completed Grade 7 to attend Artstrek

The universe of theatre is yours to explore this summer at Red Deer Polytechnic’s state-of-the-art performing arts facilities. Work with a team of talented instructors, create alongside other young artists, and discover the tools theatre professionals use to shape stories on stage. Artstrek students explore the creative process through five daily classes that include the study of acting, movement, voice, devising, design, directing, and dramaturgy. At Artstrek, our focus is on the learning, exploration, and process of theatre that breathes life into the rehearsal of lines and blocking of scenes. We are excited to welcome students back with Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest as the play of study. 

For over 60 years, Artstrek has been welcoming any and all Alberta teens passionate about theatre and enthusiastic about learning.

PXL_20220718_222634019 (2)

Students will stay at Red Deer Polytechnic and all activities take place on campus. Situated on the edge of Red Deer just off the Queen Elizabeth II, Red Deer Polytechnic is midway between Edmonton and Calgary, 90 minutes by car from either city. Bus travel is available through busing services.

The Red Deer Polytechnic campus is accessible, comfortable, and safe, featuring superior theatre facilities for Artstrek’s exclusive use.

The polytechnic is surrounded by large, open lawns and is well removed from the city’s center. Students stay in four 7-bedroom suites attached to or near the main building; each student has their own bedroom and a bathroom shared with three others.

To read more about Red Deer Polytechnic, click here.

A Day at Artstrek

After a hearty breakfast and a vigorous vocal and physical warm-up, students attend classes in acting, voice, movement, directing, sound/music, design, creation and collaboration. Classes run from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm each day. Meals are served in the cafeteria in an area designated for our students and Artstrek supervisors coordinate fun evening activities.


We are thrilled to share that BioWare is supporting us this year as the 2022 Artstrek Script Sponsor!

Taking inspiration from the spirit of gaming in this year’s play of study — Qui Nguyen’s She Kills Monsters: Young Adventurers Edition — we are grateful to partner with an Alberta-founded company that has made incredible strides in the gaming industry over the years. BioWare’s expert storytelling and compelling games, just like this year’s Artstrek play, remind us that we can become the heroes of our stories!

BioWare develops high-quality console, PC, and online role-playing games focused on rich stories, unforgettable characters, and vast worlds to discover. Since 1995, BioWare has created some of the world’s most critically acclaimed titles, including Baldur’s Gate™Neverwinter Nights™Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic™Jade Empire™Mass Effect™, and Dragon Age™. BioWare operates in Edmonton (Alberta, Canada), and Austin (Texas, United States). In 2008, BioWare was acquired by Electronic Arts, a leading global interactive entertainment publisher.

Welcome, Artstrek Students!

Another year has gone past us all with the world slowly returning to its regular routines. We hope that this last year has been full of exciting adventures for you.  We had some excitement at Red Deer Polytechnic as we broke ground in June on the Central Alberta Child Advocacy Centre’s (CACAC) new Centre of Excellence. This project is another example of an innovation ecosystem emerging at RDP with an essential strength from our partnerships. 

The long partnership we have enjoyed with Theatre Alberta has allowed countless youth and teens to enjoy and learn about the arts. Participants have filled our creative spaces with life and energy as they collaborate with practicing artists and educators, learning how to appreciate and immerse themselves in the creativity of theatre.

All students have been welcomed as they learn and grow together. This is possible because of the dedication of the Artstrek team, and we are proud to have been the home of this creativity and learning for more than 20 years.

At Red Deer Polytechnic, we believe – strongly – in providing diverse, engaging and creative opportunities for students and community members. Whether this is through programming offered across our institution or through partnerships and activities on our campuses, we know that opportunities to engage in the arts strengthen our communities.

On behalf of all of us at Red Deer Polytechnic, welcome to all of the Artstrek 2023 students! We open our doors to you, and we are excited to be part of your journey as you learn and grow in the arts.

Stuart Cullum
Red Deer Polytechnic

Message from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA), it is my pleasure to welcome you to Artstrek 2023. We are thrilled that you are taking part in a program that has developed young artists for more than 60 years.

The AFA is proud to support Theatre Alberta to create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation. This is a time to learn more about your craft, create new relationships, and explore all that theatre has to offer. You have a unique opportunity to absorb what the talented artists and educators share with you. I hope you will take advantage of their knowledge and expertise. After all, Artstrek is a space for you to collaborate, create, and engage in the many different aspects of theatre. Cherish this experience.

You are the next generation of artists, art lovers and leaders in Alberta. I hope your experience at Artstrek will help you create a space for yourself in the world of theatre.

I am excited to see what your bright minds will produce. Enjoy your 2023 Artstrek experience!

Paul Baay
Acting Chair, Board of Directors
Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA)

Message from Honourable Ron Orr
Minister of Culture

On behalf of the Government of Alberta, I am pleased to welcome everyone to Artstrek 2022. I know that the curtain going up once again on this amazing program will bring joy to many students.

Theatre and creativity go hand in hand. Theatre puts to life new ideas, stories, personalities, and worlds. Theatre can take us to the past, help us understand the present, and present endless possibilities for the future.

Theatre and its dramatic arts are also skills that need nurturing at a young age so that they can flourish in adulthood. That is what makes Artstrek so valuable—it helps young Albertans find their voices and enables them to become the storytellers that animate and entertain our lives.

Thank you to Theatre Alberta for over 60 years of inspiring talented artists of all ages and fostering creativity and leadership in Alberta’s youth.

Ron Orr

Artstrek 2023 Funders, Supporters, and Sponsors

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