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There are no auditions to attend Artstrek. Students are accepted into the program on a first-come, first-served basis—provided their online application is complete and their referral is satisfactory. If the program is full, students will be placed on a waiting list in the order their applications were received.

Application Prodecure

Applying to Artstrek is a straightforward process… but it is intricate and a variety of materials are required in order to fully complete the online form. We have put together a checklist of materials and information to gather prior to beginning the online application process. We also have a practice online application form, which you may wish to use first, to get a sense of how it will all work. We recommend you be as prepared as possible before you begin your Artstrek application.


All students will be asked to select which week they wish to attend as part of their application. We call each week an Exploration, and there are three different Explorations from which students can choose to attend during Artstrek. Artstrek Explorations are designed for the following types of students:


This program is recommended for enthusiastic theatre lovers who are 12* to 15 years old.


This program is intended for 16 and 18 year olds who have a keen interest in theatre and a dedication to increasing their skill level.

Please note that there is little difference in curriculum between the different Explorations; however, the depth and complexity of the work increases with the average age level of students attending each Exploration.

*12 year olds need to be completing Grade Seven in 2022 in order to attend.


All Artstrek students must be recommended by a teacher, director, or another adult (not your parents or guardians) who is familiar with your interest and/or experience in the performing arts. We recommend you speak to your referrer before submitting your online application.

If you are a new to Artstrek, your referrer will automatically receive an email once your online application form has been submitted. For that reason, please do not submit the same form more than once. If you do, your referrer will be emailed multiple times – we really don’t want to SPAM your referrer.

All application information, including medical information and reference information, is collected by Theatre Alberta for the purpose of administering the Artstrek program. All information is considered confidential and is not released to third parties without consent.

Cancellation Policy

If a student needs to cancel their Artstrek experience for any reason, please inform Theatre Alberta as soon as possible in writing to [email protected].

Theatre Alberta retains the non-refundable $50+GST application fee for any student who withdraws. Further refunds will be available as follows:

Full Refunds Available 75% Refunds Available No Refunds Available
Exploration I
On or before May 28, 2022
May 29 - June 28
After June 29, 2022
Exploration II
On or before June 5, 2022
June 6 - Jul 6, 2022
After July 7, 2022

In extraordinary circumstances that result in later cancellations, such as illness, please contact us at [email protected] prior to the start date of your Artstrek Exploration to discuss further refund possibilities.

About COVID and Vaccination Requirements

For the duration of Artstrek 2022, Theatre Alberta will be implementing COVID-19 processes and procedures which require masking, regular rapid testing, as well as full proof of vaccination to participate. This helps us ensure the health and safety of all participants in the program.

Below are details outlining what to expect during the program:  


  • Theatre Alberta’s Artstrek will resume with in-person classes and service delivery. Artstrek will be delivered at Red Deer Polytechnic.
  • Artstrek participants will be required to include full proof of vaccination against COVID-19 upon registration and at the moment of arrival to the site.
  • There will be masks available on site and all participants will be required to be masked, except for in the dorms, when eating or drinking, and/or with the exception of an approved medical condition in accordance with the Government of Alberta.
  • Participants will be expected to self-administer regular rapid tests provided by Theatre Alberta to ensure that we are tracking any possible transmission of COVID-19 during the program. These tests are sourced from Canadian Red Cross’ Stop the Spread and Stay Safe at Home Program.


  • Students will stay in dormitories on campus, and meals during the program will be served in Red Deer Polytechnic’s cafeteria.
  • All Artstrek staff will be masked, regularly rapid tested, and fully vaccinated against COVID-19, with masking exceptions including their stay in their dormitories, when eating or drinking, and/or with the exception of an approved medical condition in accordance with the Government of Alberta.
  • Student drop-off and pick-up is required to be conducted while wearing masks.


Based on the Government of Alberta’s announcement on February 8, the following decisions have been made: 

Artstrek’s vaccination program will remain in place. This means: 

  • All participants and staff must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and provide proof of vaccination through a vaccination passport document.
  • Medical exemptions are acceptable with letters from a doctor corroborating on that account.
  • Please note that we have accepted one student to Artstrek (in Exploration I) who required an exemption to our COVID-19 vaccination policy on grounds other than medical. See below for more details. (Updated as of June 13, 2022). 
  • Theatre Alberta will be providing free rapid tests with the support of Canadian Red Cross’ Stop the Spread and Stay Safe at Home Program. These tests will be available for participants and staff to regularly test for COVID-19.

Given the fact that students and staff have agreed to participate with this understanding in mind, we will be keeping our vaccination program in place.


The following protocols will be required at Artstrek. This includes:  

  • Wearing masks at all times while indoors  
  • Self-screening the daily health checklist 
    • Do you have a fever?
    • Have you been coughing regularly? 
    • Do you experience shortness of breath? 
    • Do you experience any loss of sense of smell or taste? 
    • Have you traveled in the last two months prior to attending? 
    • Do you experience any other symptoms?
  • Maintaining a physical distance of at least two metres from others, whenever possible  
  • Using good hygiene practices (frequent hand washing and sanitizing, coughing/sneezing into your elbow, staying home if feeling unwell, etc.)
  • Reporting Illness: if you have COVID-19 symptoms, have been in close contact with someone who tests positive, or have tested positive for COVID-19 yourself  
  • Staying at your dorm if you are ill for any reason during the program, as we all continue to play a role in helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19.   
  • Staying at home if you are ill for any reason prior to the program, as we all continue to play a role in helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19.   
  • In the instance that someone tests positive for COVID-19, they are able to isolate themselves in a separate living space while they wait for transportation home.
On COVID-19 Vaccination Exemption

As mentioned above under “Vaccination Program,” with the guidance and support of our Board of Directors, Theatre Alberta has made an exemption to our COVID-19 vaccination policy on grounds other than medical. Our staff worked with the family to determine additional infection risk mitigation measures and conditions that would need to be met prior to the student’s acceptance.

The student has provided a notarized affidavit of this exemption, and has agreed to arrive on campus with proof of a negative COVID-19 result confirmed by PCR test within 72 hours of their arrival. They will also participate in all of the risk mitigation measures on campus, including daily rapid testing and masking.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Artstrek Registrar at . It is our goal to work to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety at all times.

Artstrek 2022 Funders and Supporters

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