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 Artstrek students, alumni, and friends! Do you have your 60th Anniversary Commemorative T-Shirt yet? No? Fear not, it’s not too late! These fabulous tees list locations and plays studied at Artstrek over its long history.

At Artstrek 2021 you’ll be able to select the workshops, webinars, and activities that you want to attend! Below you’ll find a schedule of what’s happening over the next few weeks. Please note the tabs at the bottom of the schedule for different weeks in July. Click on the tab to see the activities in the week indicated.

Scroll down below the schedule to see more details about Instructor and Supervisor workshops and the Post-Secondary panel. Workshop descriptions include materials that you’ll need to get the most out of your experience.

Please note: All workshops and activities are open to any teen between the ages of 12-18! This is different from what typically happens at Artstrek where each ‘Exploration’ is designed for different ages and experience levels. This year, you can join any activity no matter which week it’s on!

To select what you want to attend you’ll first need to fill out the Artstrek Expression of Interest form. Once you’ve done that, we’ll send you more information and a sign-up sheet for Arstrek activites.

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Week Three Super Activities

Opening (July 18, 3:00-4:30pm)

The Supers are taking over at this week’s activities! Laughs, games and Super led Workshops as far as the eye can see! Come Meet the Supers and see what they have in store for you in the final week of Online Artstrek!

Artstrek Virtual Campfire (July 18, 6:00-8:00pm)

Come hang out with the Supers and all your fellow Artstrekkers at a relaxed, evening hangout with games, improv and social time. Grab a snack, wear something cozy and enjoy a fun evening around a virtual campfire!

Supers Q&A: Life After Artstrek (July 22, 3:30-5:30pm)

Ask the Supers your questions about bringing Artstrek to your community, what to expect at post-secondary school, being an emerging artist or just about keeping theatre in your life as a hobby. We may not have all the answers, but we’ve got some ideas where you can start to find your own!

Closing Hangout (July 22, 5:30-6:30pm)

If you’ve attended any Artstrek activities this month, we will send you a link to a hangout on GatherTown!On this platform, you’re able to build an avatar, move through space freely, interact with one another, and engage in a number of social activities with all the folks you’ve met this July. We hope you’ll join us for this virtual, end of camp celebration! See you next year!

Evening Super Activities

Are you bored when you are away from workshops? Well not anymore! Come on down to join the Supers and a cast of invited special guests (who look a bit like the Supers) as you embark on great adventures with friends! Take this chance to work as a team with other Artstrek students in fun and dramatic activities. You will find out exactly what your adventures will entail in each activity but until then it’s all a secret! Will you fight a bear? Save an ancient alien society? Fly a plane made out of fairy dust? You won’t know until you arrive!

Post-Secondary Panel

July 22, 1:00-3:00pm

Theatre training exists in many forms! There are summer camps like Artstrek, drama courses in schools, workshops that take place for young people and adults, and there are College and University programs that can help strengthen already existing skills. Join us for an opportunity to chat with some post-secondary theatre training programs to discover what opportunities exist for you once you’re done high school.

Instructor Workshops

Acting-The Nimble Actor

Whether you’re an experienced young actor, or this is your first time becoming a character, this workshop will give you the tools you need to engage with a brand new script, make choices through rehearsal, and live in the moment as your character. What answers does the script provide? Where will you need to fill in the blanks? And what do you, as a unique and beautiful individual, bring to the characters you’re playing? This workshop will bolster your confidence in those choices as you work toward trusting: “you are enough, you are so enough, it is unbelievable how enough you are” ~ Sierra Boggess.

The Director's Decision

Develop your own vision and approach to bring a script to life through the director lens. We will explore the preparation that the director does prior to getting into the rehearsal hall and experiment with personal choice on a script. Our workshop will touch on casting and staging and more!

Devised Theatre

This workshop will give you the foundational knowledge and experience into devising and creating your own original work. Through a variety of different stimuli and mediums, you will be invited to create, play and engage with fellow Artstrekers as you dive into the exciting world of devised creation! You will be invited to bring meaningful objects from your home, music that fuels your soul, your imagination, and a willingness to jump in and explore.


Learning how to move in ways that feel natural and exploring individual artistic expression in new ways. As well as taking inspiration from many places, music, pictures, videos, and other stimuli applying them to movement to improvise and build your own choreography! We’ll learn how to throw the “normal” out the window!


How does theatre design shape the world of the show? Join us for an introduction to the basic elements of design and spark your interest in aesthetics. No artistic skills required, just a passion for design!

Supervisor Workshops

Dungeons & Dragons & Storytelling

Hello Adventurers! Join Supers in traversing the land of collaborative storytelling. We will dive into the world of Dungeons & Dragons and find out what it takes to create a magical and engaging story. Whether you have been on a hundred campaigns or have yet to roll the dice — this workshop is for you!

Afro-beats & Impulse

This workshop is focused on energizing and empowering folks with Impulse Afrobeats infusion; a body-based practice. Afrobeats evolved from traditional African dancing fused into hip-hop from the development of Afrobeats music. Sandwiched by Impulse Work, our movements will be inspired by our environments, senses, and objects. This fun and joy-filled dance style will have you sweating! Get ready to take risks, laugh and DANCE!

Sell Your Show! Playbill Illustrations

Explore the ideation process of creating theatre posters and Playbill illustrations! This workshop will warm you up to expressing the crux of a play through clever and eye-catching visuals. Express your ideas and imagination on paper — or however you comfortably create! You do not need to be practiced in drawing to take this workshop, but rather you will leave this workshop with a tool box of concept design strategies and approaches to gathering inspiration. Be sure to bring something to write and/or draw with!

Breath & Physical Practice

In this workshop we will be exploring our primary physical instrument as humans and artists: our breath! Discover your innate state of breath flow through a series of body and presence explorations while expanding your knowledge of anatomy, posture, movement, voice, courage, and creativity. Come prepared with comfortable clothes to move in, space to stretch out, and a water bottle.

Comedic Writing for the Stage

Set up that punchline and hear the crowd ROAR! Or just catch your breath between serious scenes! Humour is used in so many pieces… How will you use laughter in interesting and mindful ways to elevate your writing? Get ready to dip your toes into writing and staging your work!

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Purple Artstrek Anniversay tShirts that Read 1960 Artstrek 2020

Artstrek Anniversary TShirt Order Form

 Artstrek students, alumni, and friends! Do you have your 60th Anniversary Commemorative T-Shirt yet? No? Fear not, it’s not too late! These fabulous tees list locations and plays studied at Artstrek over its long history.