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Theatre Alberta will soon welcome students from across the province to the FREE online version of Artstrek, our annual summer theatre school for teens. Since 1960, Artstrek has had an incredible impact on Alberta’s theatre community, providing teens the opportunity to gather together with professional theatre artists and educators to hone their abilities and develop their craft. 

You can help us make Artstrek 2021 an unforgettable experience for theatre-loving teens by making a donation through #ChipInForKids or through the Shaw Birdies for Kids program presented by AltaLink.

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Text Kids209 to 30333 to make a $10 donation
to Artstrek and Theatre Alberta

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Funds raised through the #ChipInForKids and Birdies for Kids programs will support our ‘levelled-up’ version of Artstrek 2021, which is free for students across Alberta to attend, as well as other Theatre Alberta programs and services that are designed to grow and enrich the theatre community in the province!

About #ChipInforKids

Theatre Alberta and Shaw invite you to Chip in for Kids by texting KIDS209 to 30333 to donate $10 and help us make Artstrek 2021 an amazing online experience for Albertan teens. Shaw will match your donation 100% and the matched donation amount will then be matched again by the Shaw Charity Classic, up to an additional 50%. Your $10 donation can grow into a donation of $30 to Artstrek and Theatre Alberta.

About Birdies For Kids

One donation through Birdies for Kids can have 150% impact! As a charity partner Theatre Alberta receives 100% of donations made through our Birdies for Kids page. Each donation is then matched by the Shaw Charity Classic up to 50%!

Our thanks as always to the Edmonton Community Foundation for their generous support of Theatre Alberta’s educational programs, including Artstrek.

About Artstrek 2021

Artstrek-Levelled up

Plans for Artstrek 2021 have changed! Our collective capacities for intense online engagement are simply to low for us to proceed with full weeks of classes for Artstrek 2021. So, we are ‘levelling up’ our Artstrek plans for the summer, and shifting the schedule to make it more accommodating to the needs of Albertan teens. We’re now in the process of planning new activities, most of which will be shorter online hangouts and workshops that will be spread out throughout the month of July. All of these activities will be entirely optional for participants. This levelled-up version of Artstrek is 100% FREE for all Albertan teens between 12-18 years of age.

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