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Member Organizations

Alchemy – University of Calgary
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Below you will find a complete list of all our member organizations (professional houses, semi-professional groups, and educational institutions, community theatres and societies, libraries, and technical resource outfits), complete with links to their websites.

If you are part of an organization that isn’t listed below, then that means one of two things have happened:
1) We have made a grievous error in overlooking you – please send us an email and we’ll get you posted ASAP;
2) Your organization does not have a Theatre Alberta membership. We’ve done our best to find web links for all members with websites, but if yours is not listed or has changed please let us know. Listings are arranged categorically, alphabetically, and by geographic area.

Edmonton and Area

Professional and Semi-Professional Theatres

Alberta Musical Theatre Company
Azimuth Theatre Association
Catalyst Theatre
Cathexis Theatre
Citadel Theatre
Concrete Theatre Society
Firefly Theatre and Circus Society
Fort Edmonton Management Company
Free Will Players Theatre Guild
Fringe Theatre
Grindstone Theatre Society
Kompany Family Theatre
Miles From Broadway
Northern Light Theatre
Punctuate! Theatre Society
Pyretic Productions
Shadow Theatre
SkirtsAfire Society
Teatro la Quindicina
Theatre Network
Theatre Prospero Association
Thousand Faces Festival Association
Typecast Anonymous Productions Inc.
Varscona Theatre Alliance Society

Community and Musical Theatre Groups

Acting Out Musical Theatre
East of 60 Productions Society
Edmonton Musical Theatre
ELOPE Musical Theatre
Festival Place
GeriActors Theatre
Inspirational Drama & Moore Productions Inc.
Leduc Drama Society
Paradigm Theatre Company
RuminariLive Arts
St. Albert Dinner Theatre
Walterdale Theatre Associates


Archbishop Jordan High School
Archbishop MacDonald High School
Ardrossan Junior/Senior High School
Ecole Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School
Harry Ainley Composite High School
J.H. Picard School
Louis St Laurent School
Memorial Composite High School
Millwoods Christian School
Paul Kane High School
Queen Elizabeth High School
Riverbend Junior High School
St. Theresa Catholic School
Strathcona Composite High School
Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts


Universities Colleges and Training Academies

MacEwan University
Puddle of Mud Productions
The Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta (FAVA)
The King’s University
University of Alberta
Visionary Centre for the Performing Arts

Technical Theatre Companies

Christie Lites Sales

Venues and Support Organizations

Alberta Workers Health Centre
ATB Branch for Arts + Culture
City of St. Albert
Maclab Centre for the Performing Arts

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