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Auditions (Edmonton): Regression – Cathexis Theatre

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Auditions (Edmonton): Regression – Cathexis Theatre

Cathexis Theatre is excited to announce auditions for our brand-new musical, Regression!

About the Company:
Cathexis Theatre is an independent Edmonton-based theatre company dedicated to creating brave, eccentric, new works! We find humor in darkness and shine light on commonly misunderstood or disregarded issues.

About the Show:
The bright and enthusiastic citizens of Prior are obsessed with the past. Their free time consists of going to operas, museums, old art galleries, and Shakespeare plays. As the community plunges deeper into nostalgia, a group of artists start to notice a regression in society and their creative rights.

Motivation for Writing Regression:
According to the Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia, Shakespeare is currently the most-produced non-Canadian playwright in the country. This does not include the variety of theatre pieces based on something Shakespeare wrote or shows written about his life. The most-produced opera in Canada is Madama Butterfly written by Puccini in 1904, and a large number of sequels and remakes are taking over the Hollywood movie scene. As a society clearly obsessed with the past, I question the impact of replacing new artistic works with old ones.

FAITH: (Female identifying or non-binary) A cautious playwright who left a plain community and is obsessed with Shakespeare. Her goal as an artist is to highlight the brilliance of past writers. This shifts as she starts to grow concerned for her sister’s situation.

ARIANA: (Female identifying or non-binary) A spirited painter who grew up poor and is engrossed with Van Gogh. Her original goal as an artist is to make everything as beautiful as possible.

ALDO: (Female identifying or non-binary): A critical composer who has some challenges around trust, and is fixated on Mozart. Her original goal as an artist is to push boundaries and experiment.

SHAKESPEARE: (Male identifying or non-binary): Pompous, rich, and rigid, as the Saint of Playwrighting Shakespeare is often summoned for guidance among writers.

VAN GOGH: (Male identifying or non-binary) Gruff, sarcastic, and wounded, as the Saint of Painting Van Gogh is often summoned for guidance among painters.

MOZART: (Male identifying or non-binary) Mozart had a strong fear of death, an unhealthy level of dependence, and an immature sense of humor. As the Saint of Composition Mozart is often summoned for guidance among composers.

ESTHER: (Female Identifying or non-binary) A strong, rigid, religious young woman who is currently living in a plain community.

MAYOR: (Any) Lively, cheerful, diluted, and absorbed with classical art.

CITIZEN 1/2/3: (Any) Quirky citizens of Prior.

Note: This is a seven-person cast so some roles will be double-cast.

Trigger Warnings:
This show deals with sexism, plain communities, the romanticization of the troubled artist, and some odd customs and beliefs from the Elizabethan Era. There are themes of suicide, religion, manipulation, and some vague referrals to physically abusive behavior. Feel free to email Andrew at Producer[at]Cathexistheatre[dot]ca if you have any questions about the content of this show.

About the Audition:
Auditions will be held in 15 min increments on Saturday, June 8th from 6PM-10PM and Monday, June 10th from 7:30PM-10PM at the University of Alberta FAB building. Let us know if you are interested in auditioning but cannot make these dates, and we will try to accommodate you.
Please prepare a monologue from a play and a song from a musical theatre production. Please bring a backtrack either saved on your phone or USB. You may also be asked to read sides from the script.

Trained actors will be given priority.

Cathexis Theatre is committed to diverse and inclusive casting. We strongly encourage submissions from all performers who self-identify as members of underrepresented communities.

Rehearsals: Rehearsals will start on June 17th, 2024, and run Monday, Tuesday, and Friday evenings from 6PM-10PM, with the addition of Saturday evenings in August.

Performance: Regression will premiere at the 2024 Edmonton International Fringe Festival from August 15th to August 25th.
Contact: If you have any questions or are interested in booking a 15 min audition slot, please send your headshot and resume to Andrew at

Deadline to respond is June 6, 2024

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