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Auditions (Calgary): Riverona – Full Circle Theatre

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Auditions (Calgary): Riverona – Full Circle Theatre

Do you love Shakespeare?
Do you love teen dramas?
Do you love the idea of seeing the two all mashed up together?

Attention actors! In 2023, Riverona took Calgary audiences by storm and Full Circle Theatre is thrilled to announce that we are now holding auditions for the full production this summer. (Yes, that is all four episodes.)

Come join us for auditions on Wednesday, April 10 (6-10 pm) and Tuesday, April 16 (6-10pm) in the Boardroom at the Morpheus Rehearsal Space (3512 5 Ave NW)

A high concept and hilarious retelling of Romeo and Juliet, this brand-new script has been described as Riverdale meets Wet Hot American Summer meets… well, Shakespeare.

Performance Dates: June 26 – July 14, 2024, Evergreen Community Spaces
Rehearsal Schedule: Wednesday evenings (7-10), Thursday evenings (7-10), Sunday afternoons (12-4). Potential for every second Monday evening as needed. Rehearsals to start end of April.

Audition Information: No prep required – come ready to do a cold read! All the details can be found on our Google Form.
Please submit using this form:

We are looking for passionate, fun actors of any age range to play the following roles (remember, it’s a teen drama… all the actors are 30 IRL anyway! Age ranges are the character’s age, not your age):

Lady Capulet (F, 40-50): Juliet’s mom. Constantly drunk. Schemer after a relaxing life. Maybe a murderer. Definitely a murderer.

Nurse (F, 30-40): Sweet lady with love in her heart for all the students and grown adults she has to take care of. Overworked. Numerous jobs. But somehow always smiling.

Rosaline (F, 30-40): Sexy, hardhearted and experienced woman out for her own ends, leaving broken hearts and empty wallets in her wake. (EPISODE 1 ONLY)

Paris (M, 18-20): A ken doll. So handsome that no one has ever told him to shut up. Vacant and drifting through life on easy street. Very boring, but very hot — to everyone except Juliet. Prone to reciting wikipedia articles instead of having a personality.

Montague (M, 40-50): Romeo’s dad. Championship fencing coach. A man’s man with wild, erratic mood swings. Disappointed in his weakling of a son.

Lawrence, the Deep Friar (Any, 25+): The owner and operator of the coolest hangout spot in town: a food truck in a parking lot also known as The Deep Friar which serves up fried goods and debatable advice. Exists in a constant haze due to a substance that despite its legality, won’t be referred to on a primetime teen drama. (THIS ACTOR ALSO PLAYS the Police Officer in Ep 1&4)

Balthazar (Any, 16-18): The school busybody. Extremely nosy suckup. Is always everywhere taking notes, but for whom? No, seriously. No one wants them.

Sampson (Any, 16-18): Capulet lackey. Dating Gregory. Super bro-y and always ready for a fight. (THIS ACTOR ALSO PLAYS Reporter 2 in Ep 3)

Gregory (Any, 16-18): Capulet lackey. Dating Sampson. Also super bro-y and also always ready for a fight. (THIS ACTOR ALSO PLAYS Reporter 1 and Not Luke in Ep 3)

Abraham (Any, 16-18): Montague lackey. Also also super bro-y and also also always ready for a fight. (THIS ACTOR ALSO PLAYS Reporter 3 in Ep 3 and the Apothecary in Ep 4. The Apothecary is just a normal guy, despite what Romeo would say.)

Peter (Any, 20-30): Professional Capulet lackey. Anxious. Kind of a sad sack. An actual character in the original script. We did not make him up. (THIS ACTOR ALSO PLAYS a student at Riverona High)

Capulet (M, too old): Juliet’s decrepit dad, *speaks only in mumbles* that often need to be translated by those around him. As old as dust, and very, VERY, VERYYYY rich. Will probably drop dead at any second, which is a real problem.

If there are any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

At Full Circle Theatre, we’re all about inclusivity! We welcome actors of all races, genders, sexual orientations, and experience levels. We believe that diversity is what makes the performing arts so powerful, and we’re committed to providing a safe, supportive environment where everyone can shine. Join us to showcase your unique talents and be part of a community that celebrates diversity and empowers artists.

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