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News (Edmonton): Bonfire Festival Announcement – Rapid Fire Theatre

News (Edmonton): Bonfire Festival Announcement – Rapid Fire Theatre

April 11th – 13th, 2024

Rapid Fire Theatre is thrilled to announce the return of its much-anticipated annual celebration of innovation and hilarity, the Bonfire Festival! From April 11th to April 13th, Bonfire will light up the stage with a scorching lineup of fresh and bold improv performances.

Bonfire Festival is a staple at Rapid Fire Theatre, showcasing the immense talent of our ensemble. Each performance is a unique creation crafted by one of our ensemble members, each promising an unforgettable performance filled with laughter and surprise.

Audiences can expect diverse performances that push the boundaries of improv comedy. Whether it’s spontaneous karaoke musicals, improvised dragons den sales pitches, or hilarious character-driven scenes, every night at Bonfire promises something new and exciting.

“The Bonfire Festival takes the kindling of exciting new ideas from our ensemble and lights them ablaze,” says Matt Schuurman, Artistic Director at Rapid Fire Theatre. “It is the audience’s first opportunity to experience Rapid Fire Theatre’s next big show ideas. This year’s lineup has our performers attempting feats of physical endurance, saying yes to big ambitious ideas and taking thrilling creative risks.”

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