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Auditions (Edmonton): Practically Perfect Pitch – Top Bunk Theatre

Auditions (Edmonton): Practically Perfect Pitch – Top Bunk Theatre

Director: Elizabeth Janzen
Choreographer: Sophie Arab
Musical Director: Michael Watt
Music Arranger: Chykes Nelson
Stage Manager: Saron Beraki
Costume Designer/ Assistant Stage Manager: Meg Walker
Intimacy Coordinator: Mika Boutin
Props Designer: Logan Stefura

Top Bunk Theatre is seeking performers for their upcoming production of Practically Perfect Pitch, to be put on for this year’s Fringe Festival! We are looking for performers who can sing, have good pitch, can bust a move, and can be unapologetically raunchy and silly onstage. We want you to bring whatever makes you uniquely YOU as a performer into the audition room. All are welcome.

AUDITION DATES: March 30-31, times TBD
LOCATION: Allard Hall, Third floor, Room 307
PERFORMANCE DATES: August 15-25, 2024
REHEARSALS: June-August, specific dates and times TBD

SYNOPSIS: Parodying Pitch Perfect, this acapella musical centres around a cast of quirky, raunchy characters experiencing young adult freedoms for the first time. The plot centres around a group of girls called the “SoCal Swiftheads” who have to overcome their biggest competitors, the “Third Basses”. Throughout a series of trials and errors and huge missteps, they discover who they are as young women along the way and how they fit into the world.

BELLA(18-25): Snarky, introverted and rebellious. She’s a cynical loner with a secret softer side that has to be coaxed out of her. Must be comfortable playing opposite a female romantically.

BADDIE WITH A FATTIE AMY(18-25): Uber-confident and comical. Comfortable in her skin and is naturally the center of attention at all times. (Whoever is cast as this role will be asked to bring a lot of creative energy to the table, as there is a section of the script where they will be asked to come up with their own solo performance. Up for discussion as to what that means.)

KYLIE(18-25): Kind-hearted, but can’t really pick up on social boundaries. Wants what’s best for everyone. Extremely flirty. A bit airheaded. Must be comfortable playing opposite a female romantically.

EMMA(18-25): Neurotic perfectionist. She is the mayor of Los Angeles’ daughter and a clinical control freak. All she wants is to be respected and revered beyond reason. (Must be comfortable with fake vomit.)

STELLA/RUTH/SOCKAPELLA(18-25): Stella-‘sexually liberated’ woman. We come to discover she is overcompensating for something. Ruth- Absolutely devastating if you are on her bad side. She can tear anyone down.

LOU-ANNE/SOCKAPELLA(18-25): Extremely quiet. Seems super shy. But secretly demented. And good at beatboxing.

GRACIE CHAPMAN/ LUNA(21-30): Gracie – The off-beat, offensive, female host of the aca-pella competitions. Has a talent of making everything she says sound professional, even though sometimes the things she says are out of left field. Very put together. Luna – Sarcastic and alternative leader of the auditions/ riff-off.

BUSTER(18-25): Thinks he’s hot stuff, and everyone who tells him he isn’t, he ignores. Very in-your-face out-there type of guy. A narcissist.

WILLY(18-25): Tap dancer, to everyone’s dismay. Desperate for approval, but is too dorky to get it from anyone other than his best friend, Jamie. Tenor. Guitar playing would be an asset.

JAMIE(18-25): A sympathetic guy. Nice enough. Very into Bella. An awkward-er version of the Jim Halpert archetype. Self-apologetic. Tenor. Good singer. Guitar playing would be an asset.

GREER(18-25): Buster’s yes-man. Has some swagger, for sure. Definitely cooler than Buster, even though he lets him take the limelight.
GRADY CHANDLER/RUDY/BELLA’S DAD(21-30): Grady Chandler- The more offensive, male host. Loudly misogynistic(in a funny way). Rudy – A leader of the acapella antics. Can say kind of dumb things a lot of the time. Bella’s dad- A nice dad who is trying his best to deal with his anti-social daughter.

THIRD BASSES #1 & #2/SOCKAPELLAS: Self-explanatory. Freedom to play around with both characters.

AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: Please come in with a one-minute unaccompanied musical performance(does not have to be musical theatre). It can be anything you want that you feel showcases you best(solo, dance with singing, etc.); however, if you have a specific character in mind, try to come up with something that you feel embodies them. You will also be asked to cold read. A line reader will be present for you to play off of. Your slot will be ten minutes long, starting with your prepared piece, followed by a cold read, and finishing with an interview.

TO BOOK AN AUDITION: Email your resume and headshot to If you can’t make it, we can still accommodate you via a self-tape option.


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