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Audition (Calgary): Spring Show – Birnton Theatricals

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Audition (Calgary): Spring Show – Birnton Theatricals

Spring Show Auditions for Birnton Theatricals

Birnton Theatricals is excited to announce the auditions for their upcoming Spring show. Birnton Theatricals mandate is to produce theatre and offer educational programming that introduces kids and young adults to the power and magic of live theatre and drama. Our goal is to not only foster the development of beginning artists but also to excite a young generation into becoming lifelong patrons of the arts.

Please send a video audition to by February 21, 2024 to be considered.

Audition Requirements:
• A musical theatre song
• One comic or children’s theatre monologue
• Please email your resume and headshot when booking audition
• Actors must be over 18.

Note: Our Spring show is a Non-Equity Production. Payment will be on a per show basis with an honorarium (equaling no less than minimum wage/hr) for the rehearsal period. Rehearsals will be part time and flexible starting as soon as possible. Rehearsals will take place mostly in the evenings and on weekends. The schedule will be created around artists’ individual schedules.

Snow White | May 4-June 8, 2024 (Saturdays)

Written & Directed by Chris Stockton
In co-production with Stage West for Kids

A travelling troupe of performers ventured out to perform all over the world. They had planned for every story they knew… or at least they thought so. When Lasso chooses Snow White as the story they would like to perform, it becomes very clear, very quickly that no one else knows the tale. A whirlwind adventure begins with a princess, an evil queen, a poisoned apple, a magic mirror, seven small helpers and a prince ready to break a sleeping spell. How hard could it be for four performers to take on a story they’ve never heard of?

4 members of a travelling troupe of players. Each of the players is gender non-specific and the troupe create plays from materials they can find around them and within their magical trunks.

Lasso: Self-appointed leader of the group and the founding member
Zingra: Newest and youngest member of the group.
Soli: Super creative but not always the first one to catch on
Coco: Willing to take on anything and try anything but with a hint of sarcasm.

Evenings & Weekends March-May 2024 – scheduled around company schedules

Mandatory Rehearsal/ Show Schedule:
April 29, 2024 | 18:00-23:00 | evening tech rehearsal

Sat. May 4 | Buffet 11:00 | Show 12:15pm
Sat. May 11| Buffet 11:00 | Show 12:15pm
Sat. May 18 | Buffet 11:00 | Show 12:15pm
Sat. May 25 | Buffet 11:00 | Show 12:15pm
Sat. June 1 | Buffet 11:00 | Show 12:15pm
Sat. June 8 | Buffet 11:00 | Show 12:15pm

Note: Cast will be responsible for set up (prior to house opening 2.5 hours before show) and strike of each show.

Theatre Alberta does not necessarily endorse the organizations and/or individuals submitting Classified listings on our site. It is the responsibility of each patron using the Theatre Alberta Classifieds to research the integrity of the organizations who submit listings to which they are applying/responding and to verify specific information, especially pertaining to the job/audition listings and youth listings.

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