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Auditions (Edmonton): Ride Lyke Hell – Nextfest 2024

Auditions (Edmonton): Ride Lyke Hell – Nextfest 2024

Seeking actors for the leading roles of NAPOLEONA “LEON” GRANT and SUZIE K. CROCKETT and rotating supporting cast in the new play Ride Lyke Hell, debuting at Nextfest 2024.

The year is 1903. The mythic Wild West lies bleeding to death under the boot of Modernity.

When Leon Grant breaks up with her sh*tty fiancé and makes an impulsive bet, she finds herself racing against the clock — and corporately-owned meatheads — to drive from one coast to the other in an open-top motorcar. Recruiting her long-time BFF Suzie as the trip’s mechanic, the girls find themselves on an odyssey that will test their resolve… and let their friendship blossom into something more. An irreverent queer riff on the Coen Brothers and the two-fisted paperbacks of the 1930s, this “lesbian friends-to-lovers romantic-comedy road-trip post-western” is a ride you won’t want to miss.


The quintessential golden-retriever/black-cat best friend duo, consisting of:

  • NAPOLEONA “LEON” BONAPARTE GRANT, 20s — A firecracker tomboy-femme and possible bastard love-child of Jane Fonda and Harrison Ford (that is, in vibes less than looks). Her constant, unapologetic, often-frustrating brashness is made somewhat more palatable by a bizarre kind of Dudeist optimism. Her lesbianism is abundantly clear to everyone but herself. A bird dog in a leather jacket.
  • SUZIE KAINE CROCKETT, 20s — Tough, unflappable, smart and capable of fixing (or fudging) anything she sets her mind to. A brilliant mind that would have been great with computers, in another life. Her long-standing crush on Leon is about to come to a crossroads. Patient, long suffering, doesn’t deserve this shit. Loves animals. A grizzly bear in road goggles.

~~ also a rotating cast of players, performing (regardless of gender) as:

  • RICHARD SWIPES — Leon’s (ex)fiancé. Would have been an insufferable meninist podcaster in the present day.
  • STANWICK — a used vehicle salesman in a loud suit. Talks with his hands, total huckster, used to be a lawyer but was disbarred, used to be a dentist but lost his license.
  • LAWRENCE ROLLINS — a spokesman for the Kirk Motor Company. Like if a businessman was a cartoon character.
  • LAURENTS RAWLINGS — a sportsman for the Kirk Motor Company. Like if an outdoorsman was a cartoon character.
  • ALICE GUY BLANCHE — a French auteur filmmaker/third wheel to the Rollins-Rawlings expedition. Unimportantly, bisexual and an (improbable) ancestor to bizarro Japanese writer-director Hideo Kojima. Neither of these factor into the narrative, I just thought you might want to know.
  • The KIRK CEO — a cigar-chewing businessman. Bonus points for a JK Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson impression or transatlantic accent.
  • OLD COOT — a hick and shopkeeper; elder gay.
  • THE UNLUCKY NELL GANG — possibly inept but incredibly dangerous bandits of the Winding Stair Mountains. consisting of:
  • MA NELL — Gang leader and matriarch; unclear if she’s actually anyone’s mother.
  • OSCAR THE DUCK — rough, drinker.
  • TWO-BIT CORBETT — good with a rifle.
  • JEAN-TODD ANDERSON — growly bastard.
  • CLEM — gets shot, dies horribly.
  • JESSUP DUCAINE — an amiable cowboy.
  • Oh, also TEDDY GODDAMN ROOSEVELT, hell yeah. Like, for real.

Audition Date: Saturday, April 6, 2024

Rehearsals to take place during evenings, 1x weekly with a possible increase closer to show date.

Please prepare a brief contemporary comedic monologue. You may be asked to cold read sides.

Actors must:

  • be able to perform during Nextfest 2024 — May 30 – June 9, 2024
  • be available for a full tech rehearsal
  • be over the age of 18 and have completed high school.
  • be an emerging artist! (e.g. in the first ten years of your career and not a member of CAEA/Equity, ACTRA, or any other professional organization)

To book an audition, please email a resume, headshot, and preferred role to and we will be in touch.

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