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Call for Submissions (Calgary): Call for Playwrights – Incendiary Festival

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Call for Submissions (Calgary): Call for Playwrights – Incendiary Festival

Incendiary Festival was founded in 2019 as an independent theatre company based in Calgary (Mohkinstsis), Alberta. Our focus is on creating theatre that affects people, operating as the spark that starts fires of innovation, confidence, and change within its audience. You can follow our work on instagram @incendiary_festival.

In planning for our second full season here in Calgary, Incendiary Festival would like to open the floor for local emerging playwrights to show off their skills! We’re looking for submissions of all kinds, including fully realized scripts and proposals for projects.

To give you an idea of what we’re looking for, we’ll tell you all about our next season of plays (but you have to keep it on the down-low, ok?) the 2024-2025 season theme is “The Longest Night.” We’re telling stories that explore those particular vibes you get at 2 am, be it a long night of the soul or a party you just don’t want to leave. Stories that feel like the first time you saw the northern lights, the first night in a new apartment, or the seemingly endless darkness that colours a heartbreak you didn’t see coming. Whatever a long night means to you, we want to hear all about it!

Script: We are looking for shows of any length, with any amount of performers. Whether it be a musical, drama, comedy, or something more experimental, we’d love the chance to read your words and see if they’d be a good fit! Send us your full script to enjoy, along with any recordings if it’s a musical.

Proposal: We get it, writing something for the sake of writing it can be difficult, especially as an emerging artist. This challenge is only exacerbated by the fact that we’re also asking for things that fit into a season. Don’t fret! We want to hear your ideas even without a fully realized script. Send along a breakdown of your idea, including a plot summary and basic idea of characters, and we’ll treat it with the same enthusiasm as a fully finished piece. All we ask is that you include a sample of work you’ve already completed. A handful of scenes or about 10 pages worth of similar writing would be great!

Deadline: All submissions should be in by Feb 20th 2024!

Compensation: If your play is chosen for our season, you will receive an honorarium, as well as part of the profit share for the production! As a company, our number one priority is providing opportunities for emerging artists in Calgary, so we will also do everything in our power to get other theatre professionals to come see your work.

Send to: Please send your proposal/script as listed above, as well as a resume and a bit about yourself! Please email

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