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Auditions (Calgary): Calgary Carolers – Youth Singers of Calgary

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Auditions (Calgary): Calgary Carolers – Youth Singers of Calgary

Youth Singers SHINE Division Christmas Performance

Calgary Carolers, a new venture of the Youth Singers of Calgary, is holding open auditions for the upcoming holiday season.

What are we looking for:
After several busy caroling seasons, we are expanding our caroling roster and would like to invite audition submissions from strong singers, age 16 and up, who are comfortable with singing one to a part with limited rehearsal.

Performances will have variable availability needs, across weekdays (usually lunch hours, but not always), evenings, and weekends. Performers will require reliable transportation to get to and from these gigs, which take place across Calgary and in the Calgary area. You do not need to be available for all of these times in order to audition.

Most Calgary Carolers performance opportunities will be in performer-provided wardrobe. Additional information is below.

For those cast, a rehearsal of material will take place on the evening of November 16th at the ATCO Center for Performing Arts with Calgary Carolers Director Dave Morton.

Please note that being cast with the Calgary Carolers does not guarantee a certain number of performances. As we will need to send ensembles out in balanced quartets, more work may be available for some performers than for others. Availability checks will be done per gig, using the Choir Genius web platform. Every effort will be made to ensure an equitable division of available opportunities among those who are available for each gig.

Calgary Carolers performers will typically be paid a rate of $50 per caroling hour.
For any gigs where this rate is not the case, that information will be made known along with the availability check.

Required Wardrobe:
Calgary Carolers primarily perform in one of these two looks, which are performer-provided:

  • Classy Black and Reds
    • A semi-formal look, in a combination of black and red
    • Acceptable pieces include: dress pants, knit sweaters, dress shirts, cocktail dresses, fashion scarves, etc
    • For outdoor gigs in this look, a classy black coat is required: felt pea coats are preferred; puffer coats are not an acceptable option
  • Christmas Sweaters
    • A casual look, with black bottoms or jeans (to be specified with avails check) and a Christmas sweater on top
    • Christmas sweaters can be charming, cute, quirky, or creative, but must be family-appropriate

To Audition:
We are accepting video auditions until October 16th, 2023.

Please begin your audition video with a short introduction. Let us know your name, your vocal part, and a brief overview of your choral experience.

Then, we would like to see you perform two pieces of repertoire from our caroling book: Ding Dong Merrily on High and Frosty the Snowman. Please perform each song from the beginning through the first ending.

Sheet music is available here:

Please perform one piece in each wardrobe option, and then upload them as a single audition file to the following link:

If you do not currently own the requested wardrobe pieces but would be willing to acquire them if cast, please make a note of that in your audition video introduction.

Contact Information:
For any questions about these auditions, please email Youth Singers’ Production Manager Brianna Rudolfsen at

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