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Auditions (Calgary): Immaculate – Incendiary Festival

Auditions (Calgary): Immaculate – Incendiary Festival


Incendiary Festival is seeking actors for a new, immersive show entitled IMMACULATE, directed by Rebecca Orion.

The show will be a fully immersive experience based loosely on the time before the nativity. We will be exploring themes of community, obligation, and belief in the impossible. The story will delve into religious themes, tarot, and pregnancy. We want to cultivate an inclusive and diverse space to explore these topics, and encourage you to apply regardless of your personal views on the source material or subject matter.

The immersive nature of the show will require performers to interact with the audience fully in character. Because of this, experience with improv, immersive work, and collective creation is an asset but not required. There will be physical storytelling and movement used throughout, especially for the actor playing Zach.

Compensation for the show will be a profit share.

Submission Deadline:
Saturday, Sept. 30th, 2023

Audition Date & Location:
October 1, 2023
1:45-3:00 or 3:15-4:00
Calgary Central Library.

To book Audition, please email with a resume and characters you are most interested in being considered for, as well as which audition time you would like to attend. If you are interested in auditioning and neither time works for you, please contact us anyway and we will see if something else can be worked out!

About the Audition:
We will be holing a group audition, consisting of some improvisation and collective creation. You do not need to prepare anything in advance, but should come ready to move and take some risks!

Available Roles:
Because of the experimental nature of the show, we may need more cast members than this list entails. We encourage people to audition for the role that speaks to them, regardless of age or gender expression. Pronouns are flexible except for Lizzy, who’s trans identity is integral to the story.

That being said, the roles required are as follows:

Lizzy (She/Her – Trans Feminine)
Lizzy is married to Zach. She is Marry’s aunt, and the mastermind behind the holiday party. She is warm, outgoing, and an excellent hostess. She is looking forward to announcing her pregnancy, something she had thought was impossible. Tarot Card: High Priestess. She is focused on ensuring the audience has an excellent party, and dropping hints about her announcement.

Zach (He/Him)
Zach is married to Lizzy. When he heard the news about his wife’s pregnancy from Gabriel, he laughed. As punishment, he has been unable to speak ever since. He is intuitive, shy, and a leader in the community. Tarot Card: The Hierophant. He wants to ensure those around him, including Marry, Joe, and the Audience, understand the importance of accepting the path they are given.

Marry (She/Her)
Marry is spending the holiday season with her aunt and uncle while her parents decide what to do about her surprise pregnancy. She is a passionate and fiery girl who rejects authority until Gabriel told her she was giving birth to the son of God. Or at least that’s what she’s telling people. Tarot Card: Strength. She encourages audience members to break a rule or two.

Gabriel – (They/Them)
An angelic messenger who’s looking to get more sloshed than anyone else at the party. They need to make sure everything goes according to plan with the pregnancies in order to get an exciting assignment around the births. Tarot Card: The Magician. They attempt to tell the audience about their futures using a variety of methods to varying effect.

Joe (He/They)
Joe arrives at the party uninvited, having tracked down Marry. He doesn’t understand the social rules of the party, and is mostly concerned with getting his fiancé back to their hometown. Tarot Card: The Lovers. He asks the audience for advice and ultimately makes a decision about staying with Mary based on their feedback.

Creation Dates:
Tentatively. October-December, three days a week, 3-hour sessions.
There will most likely be some full day rehearsals closer to the performance date.
Subject to change, depending on availability of the team chosen.

Performance Dates:
Mid-December, based on the locations we find for performances. We will discuss availability with the chosen ensemble, but as this is a holiday show, performers should be available evenings/weekends around December 7-22. If you’re concerned about performance dates, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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