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Call For Submissions (Calgary): Call for Designers/Stage Managers! – Incendiary Festival

Call For Submissions (Calgary): Call for Designers/Stage Managers! – Incendiary Festival

Are you an emerging designer or stage manager?

Incendiary Festival is looking for emerging designers (set, costume, lighting, sound) and stage managers for our very first full season! Incendiary Festival considers an emerging artist to be anyone who feels new and/or unrecognized by the Calgary theatire scene. You do not need to have gone to theatre school or be a certain age to qualify. If you yourself consider yourself to be emerging, please apply. We’ll be thrilled to hear from you.

This is an ongoing call! While we can’t guarantee we always have work available, we are always looking to connect with our community. This means if you fill out an application, you WILL HEAR BACK to hear about any projects we think you’d like, and will be added to our call list for when we have specific roles that need filling in the future.

Link For Designers:
Link For Stage Managers:

Our shows this season are as follows:

Islands Disappear (Fall 2023)
We never meant to stay here. But here we are, and here we always have been. Three childhood friends meet outside a dead end town, as they have many times before. Each has their own reason to want an escape, but the longer they stay, the further they sink. Join us in the woods somewhere to explore the things that keep us isolated, and the things that hold us together.

Immaculate (Christmas season 2023)
You’re invited to the holiday party of the century! Lizzy and Zach have a very important announcement, and what better time to make it than at Yule? Join the festivities as honored guests in this fully immersive experience where you can grab a glass of something warm, have your fortune read by an angel, and get in on some family drama of cosmic proportions.

Agape (Spring 2024)
Years after a particularly messy breakup, Grace and Nicole find themselves at their old hang out looking for some kind of closure. When they go back over what happened, they find that their stories don’t quite line up. Nicole’s memories have been shaped by years steeped in her religious shame, while Grace has grown bitter from rejection. As the lines between the past and present blur, both girls discover that love and the divine aren’t as simple as they seem.

Abigail (Summer 2024)
Abigail Williams is not a witch. But if claiming to be one gets her closer to John Proctor, she’ll dance with any devil at least once. When the girls of Salem are given an opportunity to wrestle power back from the adults in their lives, nothing can stop them from wreaking sweet vengeance. Well, almost nothing. After all, the only thing more powerful than a girl in love is a woman scorned.

Incendiary Festival was founded in 2019 as an independent theatre company based in Calgary (Mohkinstsis), Alberta. Our focus is on creating theatre that affects people, operating as the spark that starts fires of innovation, confidence, and change within its audience. You can follow our work on instagram @incendiary_festival.

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