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Call For Submissions (Calgary): Hot Summer Nights Cabaret – Incendiary Festival

Call For Submissions (Calgary): Hot Summer Nights Cabaret – Incendiary Festival


Hot Summer Nights Cabaret is an opportunity for emerging artists to put their work on in front of an audience!

Stepping into summer, especially when you’re young, can feel like stepping into another universe. One where changes are cataclysmic, lessons are forever, and every moment feels like now or never. Hot summer nights encompass all these feelings. The first time you kissed, the night you learned how to drive, that time at camp when you confessed you don’t believe in god at 3 am.

Bring your caffeine raddled fears, your shaking hands, your quiet contemplation. Bring the things you’ve worked on for years, the project you made up ten seconds ago, the thing you’re sure we won’t like. Tell us all about your hottest summer night.


Incendiary Festival considers an emerging artist to be anyone who feels new and/or unrecognized by the Calgary theatire scene. You do not need to have gone to theatre school or be a certain age to qualify. If you yourself consider yourself to be emerging, please apply. We’ll be thrilled to hear from you.

We are dedicated to being a diverse and accessible space for performers and audience members alike. The performance venue is wheelchair accessible. We will include any applicable content warnings in promotional materials. We are excited to feature performers regardless of age, race, ethnicity, ability, gender expression, sexuality or body type!

Each performance will be 10 minutes long and can feature any medium including but limited to: dance, theatre, poetry, movement, improv, comedy Etc.

Each group or individual will be given a $75 honorarium, a 10 minute tech time day of, support as needed, and access to lighting and sound at the Cspace. We will not be able to accommodate projections, or provide rehearsal space.

if you have any questions about the application, or the process please don’t hesitate to email us at

Cabaret Performance day is August 25, tech starting at 5pm.


Incendiary Festival was founded in 2019 as an independent theatre company based in Calgary (Mohkinstsis), Alberta. Our focus is on creating theatre that affects people, operating as the spark that starts fires of innovation, confidence, and change within its audience. Incendiary’s most recent production was Swallowing Seeds, an original play written by Rebecca and Jack Orion, which was featured at The GRAND Theatre this past March.

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