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What’s On (Edmonton): Mamma Mio – Jubilations Dinner Theatre

Brave Girl – Lunchbox Theatre
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What’s On (Edmonton): Mamma Mio – Jubilations Dinner Theatre

Of all the great bands of the disco era, none has had the enduring popularity of ABBA. With many musicals and movies celebrating their music, we thought it was time, once again, for Jubilations Dinner Theatre to have some ABBA fun. We’re taking all the best of the ABBA music and movies and putting them into one classic Jubilations Dinner Theatre parody romp. Our amazing cast of top Canadian talent will surely get you disco dancing and singing along to your favorite ABBA songs… and maybe even a few other disco classics as well! So, come on over to Jubilations Dinner Theatre and “do a little dance, get down tonight!”.

What to Expect

  • Incredible Experience
  • Original Shows
  • Delicious Food
  • Lasting Memories

What is on the menu?
Our menu selection change with every show. However, it is always a multi-course dinner consisting of a set salad, a choice of entrées and a choice of 2 desserts. The dinner entrée choices are always beef, chicken, fish or seafood and a vegetarian selection.

To book, visit jubilations.ca or call (780) 484-2424 today.

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