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Auditions (Edmonton): All My Sons – Walterdale Theatre

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Auditions (Edmonton): All My Sons – Walterdale Theatre

Walterdale Theatre Associates presents
All My Sons
By Arthur Miller

Performance Dates: October 11-21, 2023
Director: John Anderson
Auditions: June 23-24, 2023
Callbacks: June 26, 2023
Walterdale Theatre (10322 83 Avenue NW)

Ann Deever was engaged to Larry Keller before he went missing in the War. Now, Larry’s brother, Chris, wants to marry Ann. When he takes her home though, Chris’ mother insists Ann is still engaged to Larry, because she refuses to accept Larry’s death. Ann’s family is also troubled by the prospect of the marriage, when they discover a dark secret about Chris’ father.


  • Joe Keller – 50+ – Joe was exonerated after being arrested for shipping defective aircraft materials. He is a free man now, but he worries that his reputation might not have survived the incident. He talks a lot about living a happy and stress-free life, but Joe’s motives for promoting easygoing attitudes might be less sincere than his family is willing to realize.
  • Kate Keller – 50+ – “You have such a talent of ignoring things.” Kate and her family are living a lie, and Kate takes a lot of the weight of that onto herself. She even lies to herself to keep going.
  • Chris Keller – 20s/30s – Chris seems like a happy young man that loves and respects his family, but “they say in the War, he was such a killer”. He has come home to marry Ann, but their two families are complicating the matter, and revelations about the past challenge Chris’ outlook on both his upbringing and his current situation.
  • Ann Deever – 20s/30s – Ann has returned to her hometown, looking to marry Chris, and begin the rest of her life. However, she worries that convincing Chris’ mother, Kate, to allow their marriage to take place could require Ann to accept and partake in some difficult truths about her family and Chris’ family.
  • George Deever – 20s/30s – George had a good life before the War. He grew up with his his sister, Ann, and his neighborhood friends, the Kellers. He had a good relationship with Lydia that was developing romantically. His family was in good standing. Then World War Two came. When he returned from the War, his father was in prison for a shameful crime, and everything good had turned bad.
  • Dr. Jim Bayliss – 40+ – Jim is a doctor that lives next door to the Keller’s and spends a lot of time visiting their backyard. He is the restless type, which occasionally causes tension with his wife, Sue.
  • Sue Bayliss – 40+ – Sue is kind, but not as fond of the Keller’s as her husband, Jim. She particularly dislikes how Chris’ head-in-the-clouds outlook can fan the flames of Jim’s restlessness.
  • Frank Lubey – 20s/30s – Frank has had a lucky life. He missed multiple drafts, being one year over the age limit every time. Lydia became available when George was shipped off to War, so she and Frank became an item. Now happily married with kids, Frank is convinced that each person’s luck is determined by their horoscope. How else could things have worked out so well for him in such turbulent times?
  • Lydia Lubey – 20s/30s – Lydia grew up with the nickname, “Laughy”, because of how cheery and joyful her personality is. She was romantically involved with George, before he moved away. Now, she and Frank are married with kids, and they live next to the Keller’s, who Lydia grew up with.
  • Bert – 5-10 – A young child – either a boy or a girl (Bertie) – that likes to play cops and robbers or “Jail” with the kids on the block. Part of the game for Bert involves reporting activity to Joe Keller, since Joe initiated the game.

Audition and Rehearsal Requirements:

To book an audition slot with our Production Manager, Lauren Gagnon, please use this link, which includes all dates and times:

Auditions will be in-person at the theatre. Auditioners will be reading sides from the stage play with one another. For anyone that has booked an audition slot, Lauren will Email those sides in advance of the auditions. Drop-ins and pre-recorded auditions are welcome. For pre-recordings, please message John Anderson to make arrangements:

The First Read will be in-person on June 28th. Rehearsals will begin in the second week of July over Zoom, and will initially occur on Sunday afternoons as well as two weeknights. Either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday, depending on availabilities. The rehearsals will transition to an in-person setting in the last week of July. Rehearsals will increase to four per week, starting after the Fringe ends in late August.

Please bring potential rehearsal conflict dates to the auditions. Headshots and resumes are highly recommended, but not required.

Copies of the script may be available through the Theatre Alberta library.

Walterdale Theatre Associates is committed to inclusive casting. Artists who are members of under-represented communities are greatly encouraged to audition.

Walterdale Theatre Associates is a volunteer/member organization. We cannot engage Equity performers.

Theatre Alberta does not necessarily endorse the organizations and/or individuals submitting Classified listings on our site. It is the responsibility of each patron using the Theatre Alberta Classifieds to research the integrity of the organizations who submit listings to which they are applying/responding and to verify specific information, especially pertaining to the job/audition listings and youth listings.

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